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April 21, 2022

Why this zero-waste restaurant switched to GXM Pro

See how sustainability-focused Tèrra protects against no-shows with Superb’s all-in-one Guest Experience Management platform.
Customer Stories
April 21, 2022

Tèrra is a Green Michelin-starred restaurant in Copenhagen’s greenest neighbourhood, Østerbro. With a deep respect for nature, seasons, and biodynamic choices, Tèrra serves dishes inspired by the no-food-waste philosophy and travels of Valerio Serino and Lucia De Luca. 

“We want Tèrra to showcase how zero food waste is an opportunity within fine dining. As a sustainable restaurant, we have the unique opportunity to transform food scraps into something different.” 

That difference is a changing menu that reflects the produce of the seasons and local biodynamic meat or fresh-caught fish. “Guests experience something different every time they come. The changing menu is what makes the guest experience even more unique.”

Operating a small sustainable restaurant with a zero-waste approach puts a sharp focus on the need for technology that matches the philosophy. Specifically, Tèrra saw Superb’s easy-to-operate, high-quality all-in-one platform as a cornerstone of their business.

“What makes us happy with Superb’s all-in-one (GXM Pro) is that we have only one system that can take orders, do payments, and protect from no-shows.” 

Working in one platform means they can eliminate the need for multiple systems, layers of integration and countless hours spent clicking through different software. For a restaurant focusing on reducing waste and creating unique experiences, Superb’s GXM Pro is the perfect solution. 

Saved time and increased efficiency are game-changers. “Especially in small restaurants where you don’t have hundreds of people working. An all-in-one platform lets you do more with one system and saves time while giving and delivering quality.”

The all-too-common problem with no-shows 

Unfortunately, before joining the Superb community, the old way of working wasn’t actually working at all for Tèrra.  

As for many restaurants, no-shows were a huge problem. While these are bad for any business, when your passion is zero food waste and sustainability, no-shows create a massive food waste problem that you can’t sit back and let happen. 

“It was frustrating and didn’t follow our sustainable philosophy. That’s why we started looking for a platform that could protect us.” Enter Superb. With credit card guarantees, prepayments and confirmation emails and text messages, GXM Pro provides the protection that Tèrra wanted and needed. 

Previous solutions didn’t help them plan dining experiences in advance, either. That lack of control meant that the restaurant couldn't forecast and plan, costing them money and creating food waste. 

Tèrra finds what they were looking for with GXM Pro 

We wanted to get in closer contact with our guests and be able to plan and personalise each experience in advance to save time and money.” 

The team at Tèrra knew that Superb could provide the functionality that was most important to their business — all tools in one platform and powerfully secure no-show protection. And because Superb’s platform is intuitive and easy to use, they knew that even their small team could take advantage of guest insights without spending extra time or hiring more staff. 

“Superb envisioned the future of fine dining experiences. We are finally able to simplify our daily operations by gathering all our tools in one place while using data to provide each guest with a personalised experience.

The all-in-one platform enables us to save time by making every step we take more efficient and easier. We need industry experts to help us, so we can focus on our passion and expertise.”

Growing Tèrra with guest data 

Tèrra’s passion is the guest experience, and they value the way Superb gathers guest data in one platform. From the first reservation to the final payment, GXM Pro gives them access to guest insights when they need them the most — now. 

“Our vision is to give each guest a unique experience, matching the guests’ needs and requests. Collecting data is essential for us to serve personalised experiences for every guest.  

It (GXM Pro) helps us to plan and schedule each guest experience with ease. We are always a step ahead with everything from kitchen prep and planning, shift planning, getting in contact with guests, reminders, and feedback after their experiences. Every step, to be closer to the guest, is very easy to make now.”

At the end of the day, Superb helps Tèrra focus on what matters and protects them from no-shows. 

Running a successful restaurant isn’t easy. The good news is that Superb is here to help. 

Do like Tèrra and stop wasting time on multiple systems that leave you vulnerable to no-shows. Our all-in-one solution has everything you need to market, run, and grow your business. Whether you’re a Green Michelin-starred sustainable restaurant like Tèrra or a brand new spot on the map, it’s time to combine all your tools in one platform and save time and money. And finally put your focus on what’s really important — creating magical experiences.

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