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April 7, 2022

10 must-have features of your bar POS system

Shopping for a point-of-sale system for your bar? From tracking open tabs to digital payments, discover 10 must-have features to look for in a bar POS system.
April 7, 2022

Bartenders do more than just make drinks. They have to take orders, payments, remember who is who, build relationships with the regulars and still find time to create a cocktail that they’re proud of. These modern-day alchemists need to be jugglers, too. 

The best way to help them out is to give them the right tools for the job. Or at least one tool that’ll make their job 99% easier. A bar POS system. 

Bar point-of-sale systems help your staff and bartenders focus on what keeps guests coming back for more — great experiences. Give your bartenders the freedom to focus on what they love to do, and let the POS software handle the rest.

Read on for the top features you should look for when upgrading to a POS system designed for bars. 


Ten unique features of a bar point-of-sale system 

When deciding on a point-of-sale system for your bar, don’t settle on one that doubles as a retail POS. Your bar is not a store… It's a bar. The things you need from a POS aren’t the same as the average shop on the corner. 

Here are the 10 must-have features for your bar POS software.  

  1. Keep track of open tabs and tables 
  2. Organise tables and seating areas
  3. Use guest insights to build relationships 
  4. Automatically track inventory 
  5. Give bartenders freedom to move 
  6. Split checks and tips easily 
  7. Accept contactless and digital payments 
  8. Increase revenue with events and prepaid tickets 
  9. Keep an eye on what’s working (and what’s not) 
  10. Make the booking flow part of the guest experience

1. Keep track of open tabs and tables

With a bar point of sale system, orders are quick and easy to record. No more remembering to write down a drink order and then forgetting to write down the drink order. 

A POS system for bars has your busy staff in mind. A few quick taps on the iPad or iPhone and that Negroni made with top-shelf gin is added. And you won’t have to worry about settling up with the same customers at the end of the night. With every order stored in the cloud, any team member or server can access the tab and make sure your bar gets paid. 

With Superb’s POS system, keeping track of open tabs and tables is even easier. When guests move from aperitifs at the bar to the terrace for dinner, the system automatically moves the bill from the bar to the table. And back again when they return for a digestif. 

That’s the magic of a point-of-sale system designed for bars and restaurants, you can spend your time focusing on the guest experience… not manually adding items to a tab.  

2. Organise tables and seating areas 

Multiple seating areas? No problem. 

The best bar POS systems let you organise your floor plan in minutes, not hours. We know your time is valuable, that’s why our all-in-one platform features drag-and-drop sections that let you quickly design your table plan and change it on the fly. 

From the patio to the rooftop bar, guest management and table planning can be a simple, error-free process with the right bar POS system. 

3. Use guest insights to build relationships 

Guest data is the new shaken or stirred. It’s what turns customers into regulars and what will drive over 95% of your bar’s profits

With the right bar POS system, you’ll have access to the guests insights and data needed to make them feel welcomed, valued and remembered. 

Ever seen Cheers? The 1980s TV show that celebrated the local bar. The one where everyone knew your name. 

That’s what Superb’s POS system is all about. Making sure you have the guest data to build relationships with guests. 

And it’s more than just storing the name and email address of a customer. 

A bar POS system keeps a record of previous orders and average spend. That saves bartenders and servers valuable time when a repeat customer comes in. They’ll know exactly what to make, what upsell options will work, and whether the guest likes it shaken or stirred. 

4. Automatically track inventory and control costs 

Question. Does your bar rely on bartenders to tell you when you're low on alcohol? If so… there’s a better way. 

A bar point-of-sale system keeps track of what’s on the shelf, in the wine cellar, and in the fridge. Every time you pour a drink, inventory is automatically managed. You'll know when you’re low without having to grab the bottle and hope it’s full. 

With a way to properly track and monitor inventory and stock, you can finally plan your budget and operating costs better. 

Forget overstocking and tossing out food and drink when it goes bad. A bar POS system gives you control over what’s in stock and takes the pressure off your already busy team. 

5. Give bartenders freedom to move 

Working the bar takes more than a knack for mixology. It takes endurance and speed — especially during busy hours. 

Give your bartenders and staff the freedom to move around with a cloud-based EPOS system. With a wifi connection and an iPad, your team can move from the downstairs bar to the upstairs bar, the terrace, the dining room, or the roof. 

Having a powerful mobile POS that fits in your pocket means every server can be free to take orders and payments without stopping. And since it's a cloud-based, linked system, any team member can close out a tab. 


6. Easily split checks and tips 

The guest experience doesn’t end with the last drink. In fact, a bad settling-the-tab experience can quickly erase all of the night’s good vibes.

That’s often the case with large parties that want to split the check. With a mobile, cloud-based bar EPOS system in hand, splitting a check requires tapping a button, not struggling with who had what while guests huddle around a register offering help. 

Best of all, it’s accurate. 

The same goes for tipping. The easier you make it for guests to leave a tip — and for staff to get their proper share — the better. 

At Superb, we know there’s more than one way to tip. That’s why our POS software offers multiple ways to do it, specifically designed for bars and restaurants.

7. Accept all contactless and digital payments

Bartenders have a long list of jobs to do. Sitting in front of a register and waiting for guests to settle their tabs isn’t on that list. 

With a bar POS system like in Superb’s all-in-one GXM Pro, you can make taking payments easier for both your team and guests. With a mobile point-of-sale, staff can meet guests where they are and accept any payment in the world — even contactless and digital payments. 

Quick, easy, mobile. And what to do with all the time saved? Start building relationships with your guests. 

8. Increase revenue with events and prepaid tickets 

Want to get more customers in the door? Host bar events to boost your profile and draw in the crowds

What does a bar POS system have to do with events? You can presell tickets and guarantee revenue in advance. That gives you the freedom to plan, stock up, and even hire staff in advance. 

Even if it’s not events, Superb’s POS system offers no-show protection to secure a deposit upfront. 

You work hard. Your staff works hard. Your suppliers work hard. With Superb, when you sell prepaid tickets, gift cards or take no-show fees, you’ll always have next-day payouts and no hidden fees. 

Take a payment tonight and get paid on the next business day. It’s what you deserve. 

9. Keep an eye on what’s working (and what’s not)

With a point-of-sale system for bars, you can uncover trends and revenue-making opportunities through automated reporting for your team, accountants and investors. 

Want to know if the patio does more business than the main bar? A bar POS system helps break down everything from total F&B revenue to revenue per guest for any period and any room.  

You’ll see where to focus to add value to your offering and how to maximise revenue. We know staffing is an ongoing struggle for bars. Use the data from your bar POS to understand staffing needs to cut back on labour costs. 

10. Make the reservation a part of the guest experience 

Whether your bar takes online reservations or you’re managing a crowded waiting list of walk-ins, do it all in one place with Superb’s POS software. 

Our all-in-one platform combines an advanced reservation management system with a point-of-sale system built for restaurants and bars. It’s one tool that lets you run your entire business. 

And we’re not talking about any old reservation system. 

You’ve spent hours and hours designing your bar. You’ve created the menu and meticulously selected wines and craft beers that reflect your brand. Your bartenders are true scientists who make magic every night. That’s why we designed a reservation platform to match the vibe and brand of your brand. 

Take a look at how Superb’s GXM platform handles bookings for Queen’s Wine Bar & Bistro in Liverpool here.

The guest experience starts from the moment a customer books a seat, prepays for an event ticket, or buys a gift card. You only get one chance to make a killer first impression. 

At Superb, we’ve worked with the best bars in the Nordics, Italy and UK to make sure our POS will help your bar serve your guests, build relationships, and maximise revenue. 

Want to see how we can help you do the same? Click here for a free demo with a product expert to see these must-have features in action.


You asked — We answered

What does a POS mean in a bar?

POS stands for point-of-sale and refers to the system a bar uses to take orders, manage tabs, split bills, accept payments, keep track of inventory, manage reports, and more. 

Superb’s POS system is fully integrated with our advanced reservation system, giving you an all-in-one platform to manage your bar, upsell to guests and turn them into regulars. 

How much is a point-of-sale system for a bar?

A good bar point-of-sale (POS) system can quickly fire orders to the kitchen and accept payments. A great bar POS does more… manage inventory, create and process gift cards, track sales and gather guest data in one system. 

When choosing a POS system for your bar, look beyond the initial cost and consider what else you’re getting for the money. Ask about 24/7 customer support in your language, tipping, bill splitting, and integrations with accounting and staffing software. 

For Superb’s all-in-one platform, click here for pricing. 

How can a bar POS system help increase profits? 

Your bar can make and save money with a POS system for bars. Here’s how… 

  1. Get paid for every item. Make sure you’re not losing orders scribbled down on a napkin. With a mobile, cloud-based bar EPOS system, it’s easy for servers and bartenders to quickly record every item. 
  2. Protect your bottom line. With prepaid tickets for events and no-show fees, Superb’s all-in-one platform (reservations and POS system combined) helps you protect your bottom line. 
  3. Save time. It’s important to turn tables as efficiently as possible to maximise sales. With a bar POS that fires orders to the kitchen or bar, you’ll save valuable time and improve the accuracy of every order. What do you do with the extra time? Build guest relationships — vital for getting customers to return. 
  4. Track inventory. With a bar POS, you’ll have a better overview of what’s selling and what’s not. And you’ll save time by automating reports that you currently do manually. That’s a savings on time, labour costs and stock. 
  5. Build customer loyalty. From holiday specials to happy hour, set up discounts to give your regulars a reason to keep coming back. Returning customers equal more consistent cash flow.  
  6. Improve accuracy. With a cloud-based bar POS system, you can predetermine pricing for every item on your menu. That makes it less likely for a team member to accidentally input an incorrect amount on a transaction. 

How to choose the best bar POS system?

When shopping around for the best bar POS system, go for one that lets you do more and do it quickly. 

  1. Speed is key. The last thing you want is for your bartender(s) trapped behind a screen in a stationary POS terminal when drink orders are coming in. 
  2. Do more. In your quest for the best bar POS system, you’ll come across brands that offer a lot of extras such as access to guest data, gift cards and prepayments. The problem is that the data and upsell potential is hidden behind integrations and other third-party tools and suppliers. Superb’s POS system is part of our all-in-one restaurant management system — you’ll automatically pull insights and data from reservations directly into the POS system and be able to offer gift cards and accept prepayments from day one. No third-party tools or extra layers of integrations to struggle with. 
  3. Easy to use. From mastering the classics to creating new signature cocktails, your bar staff have enough to worry about. Choose a bar point-of-sale system that lets your team take control from the start. Superb’s POS system, like everything we offer, comes backed by a Customer Support team that doubles as product experts. So if a problem does come up, you’ve got a product expert to help you get it resolved, not an intern with a headset. 

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