Stand out and work smarter with a reservation experience
built to maximise your bookings.


Of restaurant reservations are made online.


Bookings are processed through Superb every month.  


Revenue increase for restaurants using Superb customized booking flow.

10 hours

Saved per month for restaurant managers. 

A reservation experience that matches your brand

Reduce no-shows

Ask your guests to confirm reservations with credit-card-guarantee and reduce no-shows and late cancellations. Customizable to pax size or specific days. Goodbye no-shows! 

Host pre-paid events

Host events, pop-ups or wine tastings and promote them online using your sharable link. No need for third-party tools.

Upsell your experience

Increase your revenue by making the menu & wine pairing or other add-ons bookable in your reservation flow. Upselling made easy.

One easy dashboard to manage reservations and service

Integrated POS

Your reservations is automatically added to the table in your POS system, so you don’t have two open a table twice. No integration needed - it’s just superb.

Guest Communication

Communicate booking confirmation & reminders easily through email & sms. The best way to keep your guests informed and stop no-shows before they happen.

Break free from multiple systems. 
Get started today.


In what languages can guests book online reservations?
Superb lets guests book in 18 languages — English, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Italian, Portuguese, Arabic, Czech, German, Spanish, Finnish, French, Hungarian, Icelandic, Japanese, Dutch, Turkish, and Chinese.
Can guests use their Facebook accounts to make a reservation?
Yes! Your guests have several options when making a reservation.

Guests can enter their details by connecting their Facebook, Google, or Apple accounts or entering details manually.
Is it possible to take upfront payments for online bookings?
Yes! With Superb’s all-in-one platform, you can accept online reservations and take payments at the same time. That includes deposits, tickets, prepayments for dining experiences, gift cards, and more. 

We promise next-day payouts with no hidden fees. You’ll get your money when you need it.
Can we send SMS text message confirmations for reservations?
100% yes. You can send regular booking confirmations and text message reminders to all guests* with just one click. 

Want to help avoid no-shows and remind customers of upcoming reservations? Send reconfirmation emails or text messages.

Email and text messaging are available for both Lite and Pro customers. Click here for pricing. 

*This applies to all guests who chose to receive email notifications from your restaurant.
Can we block individual tables and rooms?
Yes, you can block specific tables and certain restaurant sections such as the bar, terrace, etc.

With the Superb platform, you’re in total control of your table plan. You define the available booking times for each table and room by blocking them during specific times.

This is a great way to close bookings when you host special events or restaurant experiences.

We know a lot of restaurants block tables on busy days because they use restaurant management software that makes them pay per booking. With Superb, you can forget about that.

You’ll never pay per customer. So go ahead and block tables when you want to… not because you want to save money.
What no-show protection comes with the platform?
We understand that no-shows are a killer for the industry. That’s why we have built-in no-show protection at no extra cost.

- Prepayments. Taking deposits and prepayments is easy. Set up the rules and the amount and accept any payment method in the world. Only want to ask for prepayments on large groups or Friday night reservations? Go ahead. Your rules, your restaurant.  

- Credit card guarantee. Ask for a credit card guarantee to ensure guests show up to a booking or cancel in advance. You set the cancellation period and decide when to ask for credit card information.

- Reconfirmation emails and texts. Remind every guest of an upcoming reservation with SMS and emails. The best part? You can automate this process and save time.
Can we use Superb on our official restaurant website and social media?
Please do! 

We’ve made it easy for you to accept reservations directly from your restaurant website and social media.

Just copy and paste your reservation link to your website or add it as a link-in-bio on your social media. That’s it.

Customers will be able to make online reservations instantly. And they’ll enjoy a booking process that leaves them with the absolute best first impression of your restaurant, every time.

And as always… It's free. Superb will never charge per booking or make you pay for having more guests.
Can Superb’s platform replace the gift card and event ticketing software we use today?
100% yes. Superb lets you create and sell gift cards directly from the platform. And because the gift cards come from the same all-in-one platform, redeeming them is easier for your team, too.

With Superb, there’s also no need for a separate ticketing service. 

Our platform allows you to create and sell tickets for any restaurant event, dining experience, tasting menu and more. And you’ll do it all within one system — that means you’ll own the data and can target your ticketing to specific customers.
Can we restrict experience bookings to only certain areas of the restaurant?
Yes! When it comes to restaurant and dining experiences, you’re in control. 

You can reserve certain areas of your restaurant for experiences — like reserving the outdoor terrace for anyone booking the tasting menu.

You can also restrict experiences to certain times of the day — like offering brunch only in the downstairs dining room.
Can we use Superb for online restaurant reservations and walk-ins?
With Superb, you’re always in control. 

You can customise our booking system and take online reservations and walk-ins at the same time. The waitlist lets guests book from the comfort of their own homes even when you’re fully booked.
How does Superb help maximise revenue with upsells?
When guests book a table at your restaurant or bar, you’ll have the opportunity to offer upsell items such as welcome drinks, beer or wine menus, and more. 

Pro is a true all-in-one Guest Experience Management platform that gives you guest data from reservations and POS in one platform. You’ll know exactly how to upsell based on previous spending habits, orders, special events and more.
How does Superb help improve the overall guest experience?
Superb’s platform combines all of the tools needed to build guest relationships in one platform. 

It starts with the reservation and continues through to the final payment. Along the way, you'll collect guest data such as personal preferences, dietary restrictions, and previous visit and spend information. 

This guest data isn’t hidden behind multiple clicks or different operating systems — it’s in one platform, and everyone on your team has access to the same information. The only thing left is for you to use the guest insights to build personal relationships and create personalised guest experiences that your regulars want.