Restaurant POS

Made for restaurant teams to work more efficiently and sell more while providing the best guest experience.


Orders are handled daily with Superb.


Higher tips are given with our POS & terminal integration.

5 hours

Saved per week due to fewer administration tasks.

Manage orders and tables from one place


Accounting and staff system integrations are ready in the POS.

Easy backoffice to create menus, discounts and more

Reduce mistakes

Reduce mistakes by having your payment terminal connected with your POS.

Create menus and print orders

Create menus and print them accordingly to the kitchen to keep a good flow.

Sell Takeaway

Do online takeaway for pick-up, connect with your POS and boost your revenue.

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Can we use Superb’s POS with Superb’s reservation system?
Yes. That’s the magic of switching to Superb’s all-in-one platform — every tool is included and seamlessly connected. 

We don’t sell different products. Instead, we created one platform with every tool you need to run and market your restaurant or bar. 

Each tool — from the booking system and POS to the gift cards and tickets — ‘talks’ to each other and works together without losing guest insights and data along the way. It’s like fighting as the Avengers instead of random superheroes trying their best to save the city. 
Is guest data protected with Superb?
Don’t let the idea of collecting guests' data and insights scare you off. It’s not like the big corporations that track your every move. 

You can offer your guests total privacy. Superb’s platform is GDPR compliant and guests can cancel and completely anonymize their user accounts. We do not share, sell, rent, or lease any data. 
How does Superb help accountants?
Superb offer a simple financial overview, automatic reporting and seamless integrations. Our partner programme comes with no associated costs — just benefits for you and your clients.
Do we need extra software for reporting? 
Our all-in-one platform collects and tracks all the info you need directly from your restaurant's ticket sales, gift card sales, in-person payments, online payments and more — in finance overviews whenever you need them.

Plus, daily sales reports provide you with a simple overview of spendings, transactions and payouts.
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