Gift cards
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Boost your revenue by selling gift cards online. No third party provider needed.

82% of Your guests will spend more when using gift cards

Sell gift cards 24/7

Sell digital gift cards online by adding a button to your website or social media.

Manage your gift cards - in one place

Don't waste time with third-party providers. Sell, redeem and track your gift cards from one dashboard.

Next day payouts

Sell an gift card today and get paid tomorrow.

Break free from multiple systems. 
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What can I sell as a gift card?
With Superb, you decide whether to sell digital gift cards where your guests decide the amount, a preselected menu or a specific event.
When do I receive my payouts?
With Superb, you’ll benefit from next-day payouts. Sell an e-gift card tonight and get paid tomorrow.
Do I need a third-party tool or provider?
No, gift cards are integrated into the Superb platform. You don’t have to connect to extra software or waste time learning a new system. You’ll sell, redeem and track gift cards from one dashboard.
Can my guests buy gift cards with a specific amount?
With Superb, your guests can decide whether to purchase a gift card with a specific amount or a specific menu or experience defined by the restaurant.
How do my guests receive the gift card?
Your guests will receive their gift card in their inbox immediately after purchase. No shipment needed.
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