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You want to change the future of the industry.
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We don't just build software

We challenge the status quo with progressive technology.

It’s our mission to make cutting-edge technology that works for your entire team. From smartphone apps to cloud printing, we innovate so you have room to create magical experiences.

The world’s first

We’re not kidding when we say we’re changing the future of hospitality.

Our Guest Experience Management platform (GXM) is the world’s first solution that empowers restaurants with the tools needed to give every guest an unforgettable experience.

Our constant development means you won’t have to switch providers in a year.

You evolve – we evolve. We’re in this together.

“Restaurants should work with Superb to join an elite community of like-minded and passionate restauranteurs and members of the service industry.”

Domenico Cortese and Sofie Wochner

Marigold, Italy

Our expertise is your advantage

Superb is made by and for people passionate about hospitality.

It’s our years of experience in the hospitality industry and expertise in guest experience that set us apart.

We’re not a huge faceless organisation. We’re a small, but mighty team that understands the industry and wants to help you unlock the power of guest data and make great things happen.

Your story is our story

From industry-leading podcasts and in-depth articles to a Customer Support team that never sleeps, we know that your story is ours… and we’re here to keep it moving forward.

Resources that keep you ahead of the game

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We’re proud to support a worldwide community of restaurateurs, united by their desire to create magical experiences.

Passionate, hardworking and ambitious people who want to grow, explore and seize opportunities.

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How do we switch from our current system to Superb’s all-in-one? 
Switch to Superb by clicking here. That will put you in touch with a restaurant expert and they’ll talk you through the easy process to get started. 

We’ll take care of moving all of your existing reservations and data. All you have to do is focus on being awesome and creating the magical experiences your restaurant is known for.
How quickly can our restaurant start using Superb’s GXM platform?
You’ll start with a 30-minute call to get introduced to the platform and set up your account. After that, you’re ready to begin.  

We’ll handle transferring your data and provide video training sessions so your restaurant can scale the team without software slowing you down. 
What’s included in the GXM solutions?
Both GXM Lite and GXM Pro are cloud-based and include standard and prepaid online reservations, customisable table and seating plans, reservation links, group management, a design that matches your brand, multiple reservation viewing options, upsell and supplements, automated waitlist, deposits, tickets and prepayments, easy way to take walk-ins, guest insights and data (Guest Profiles, notes and tags), iPhone and iPad apps, Google and Facebook pixel integration, email and text messaging, and free Customer Support in your language. 

With GXM Pro, you get more features because it’s a complete package that includes a POS system built for restaurants.

You’ll have access to iPad and iPhone POS, table integration with reservations, real-time and live sales analytics, course calling to kitchen and bar, EOD and Z reporting, product and inventory management, accounting system integrations, digital receipts, bill printer and kitchen printer integrations, cloud printing, and KDS.

Plus, the same stellar Customer Support that keeps the world’s best restaurants working with us. 

Looking for gift cards, takeaway, or a way to market and sell your restaurant’s merchandise? Our platform has all of that and more. To see a complete list of features, visit our pricing page.
How much does Superb cost?
We have different packages available.

Our GXM Lite includes everything you need for reservations, tickets, gift cards and more. Including no-show protection, automated waitlists, smart table management, and a design that perfectly matches your brand. 

GXM Pro does that and more. Including a fully integrated POS and payments solution that lets you run your entire restaurant from one platform.

For more details on our plans, visit our pricing page.