Why are the best restaurants worldwide working with Superb?

It’s a common question that most of our customers had before they decided to work with us. Therefore, we have talked to most of the restaurants using GXM to understand better why they love working with Superb.

2016-12-09, SAV - Erik Pütsep-3712.png

Sleek Scandinavian Design


The design matters. Especially for our community. 90% of our worldwide restaurants highlight the design as one of their main drivers for working with Superb. Sticking to our Scandinavian roots, we have crafted the most beautiful and personal reservation experience on the market. Leaving your guests with the absolute best first impression of your restaurant, every time.


"We are incredibly happy with our switch to Superb and GXM platform. At restaurant SAV, we strive to give our guests the best experience — and it starts when the guest books a table. We are finally able to provide them with a quality booking experience."
— Sven, Co-owner of SAV in Sweden.


Simple & User-friendly platform


Our partner restaurants all highlighted the importance of working with a simple and user-friendly system easy to handle for both their guests and team. The simple and user-friendly dashboard makes it easy for any team member to quickly access and manage everyday reservations and guest information alongside your special dining events.


"We have chosen to work with Superb for several reasons. First and foremost, it is user-friendly for both the guest and the staff handling the system. Also, Superb is graphically and visually more inviting and personal than other solutions.
It’s a huge advantage for us that our guests get a positive impression of our restaurant, even before entering it”
— Henrik Junker, Owner of Restaurant Paustian in Denmark.


Gustu 1.png

Everything you need. In one place.


Our community loves our variety of built-in applications made to make life easier for any ambitious restaurant team. Manage reservations, avoid no-shows, host events, sell tickets, and gift cards. All the tools you need to grow, in one platform.
We are freeing up time and space so you can focus on your passion for creating an unforgettable guest experience - the key to a successful restaurant.


“Superb understands that every restaurant is different and how to tailor toward their individual needs.”
— Bertil Tøttenborg, Restaurant Manager at Gustu in Bolivia.


Avoid No-Shows and late cancellations


No-shows are known as the “killer” in the restaurants. The majority of our community highlights the no-show feature as one of the most valuable features. It provides restaurants with more security, enabling them to ask guests to confirm specific reservations with a credit card, deposit or prepayment. This feature has helped leading restaurants worldwide to reduce their no-show rate from an average of 16% to 0,8%.


 “With GXM the guest experience starts before our guest enters our restaurant. GXM enables us to improve both our operations together with all the services we offer to our guests when making a reservation. Using GXM we have reduced no-shows drastically and we are always in control of our complete restaurant situation”
— Thomas Piras, Restaurant Manager at Contraste in Italy


Dedicated and personal support


Our community addresses support as one of the most vital reasons for working with Superb. Our personal and specialised customer experience team is well known for being both interactive and helpful, besides having a quick response time.


"Working with the Superb team has been a pleasantly unique experience. Support is always at hand or minutes away. Superb has been open to sharing knowledge and accepting constructive suggestions. These to me are great ethics that I enjoy working with."
— Rosio Sanchez, Owner of Restaurant Sanchez in Denmark.