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October 18, 2022

We’ve levelled up

The restaurant industry is evolving. Now it’s Superb’s turn. Explore how our new brand evolves and what it means for magical experiences.
October 18, 2022

Evolution. It’s not just for Pokemon and Darwin. 

The restaurant industry is constantly doing it. What guests want from their dining experiences is doing it. 

And now, it’s time for our brand to evolve. 

If your palms are starting to sweat, take a deep breath. Our GXM solutions still work and will continue to do so. They’ll just look a little different. 

Experience still Matters 

We started Superb with one core belief — the guest experience is the catalyst for running a successful restaurant. That hasn’t changed. 

The guest experience is more important than ever with over 88% of diners looking for personalised experiences when they go out. They want something memorable, unique and tailored to them. Experience does matter. 

But creating these memorable moments still isn’t easy.  

We know what you’re thinking. It can’t be that hard… especially with all the technology available. 

And that’s the problem. Despite the rise of technology, restaurants worldwide still struggle to recognise guests and serve up personalised experiences. The lack of insights and the inability to collect data is holding the industry back. 

You can’t give Laura the same experience as Thomas. They’re not the same person. There’s nothing personalised, memorable or special about a cookie-cutter experience. 

Hello, Guest Experience Management 

Superb was born to provide restaurateurs with a better way of working and an easier way to collect guest data and create personalised guest experiences. 

We’ve grown from just a reservations platform to the world’s first true all-in-one platform and established the Guest Experience Management category. 

We’ve created one platform that gathers reservations, POS and Payments and empowers restaurants with an easier workflow and the freedom to focus on building guest relationships. 

Our product got its glow up, now it’s time for our brand to get one.

Hitting refresh

To evolve, we teamed up with Kontrapunkt (one of the leading brand agencies here in Copenhagen) and asked them to guide us on our journey. 

They took the wheel and helped us think about the bigger picture and the challenges we really want to solve in the industry. 

Challenge for restaurateurs 

Know, don't guess

Running and managing a restaurant currently requires a suite of stand-alone solutions that are inconvenient, time-intensive, complex and not fully integrated. There’s a lack of a holistic and easily accessible overview of data, which makes restaurants miss out on critical insights.

Challenge for the industry

Together, not alone

Restaurants are largely excluded from the benefits the digital transformation has brought to other industries. They have no efficient way to exchange insights about individual guests and miss out on potential synergies of collective knowledge. 

Challenge for individuals

Be familiar, not a stranger

Personalisation has become the mark of great experiences but remains hard to implement. The only means to build it is through frequent visits, something financially unattainable for many as well as not feasible when exploring new restaurants or new locations.

Challenge for society

Lively experiences, not just livelihood

Imagine your neighbourhood without restaurants. They’re vital for the livelihood of entire areas, an integral part of shaping local culture as well as facilitating cultural exchange. Restaurants are where people connect, meet and feel like part of something bigger.

Bring in the magic 

Just like your restaurant depends on data to personalise experiences… we depend on data to make decisions, too. 

We spoke with team members, investors, customers from all markets, non-customers and even random diners from each country where we operate. These weren't just fun chats (although most were pretty fun). They were opportunities for us to formulate what actually matters to us. 

It was our chance to clarify our message and define our purpose. Cue the dramatic soundtrack…

Superb's new purpose

We make room for magical experiences by bringing clarity to the things that matter.

These experiences are sparked by diverse elements coming together to create the extraordinary. Elements that can be identified, analysed and put together in various ways to form the unexpected.

Think of jazz music. You’ve got a lot of sounds, instruments and voices that come together in just the right way. A way that makes your ears come alive. That’s like the magical experiences created with Superb. Guest details, facts and truths dancing together to create something that goes beyond the ordinary.

Paying attention to these little details is what will lead us to more profound perspectives and help us grow. 

At Superb, we make room for magical experiences by bringing clarity to the things that matter. Because if we all pay attention to the finer details, we might just be able to change our world for the better.

It’s a big ask. But that’s the best part. Anything is possible. 

We can’t just talk about magical experiences without giving you something to inspire you. Drumroll, please. Meet the newest member of Superb, The Spark. 

The Superb Spark

The new Superb brand is all about igniting magic, and all magical experiences start with a spark. The swish of a curtain being opened. The swoosh of a crisp white tablecloth being laid for dinner. The deft flick of a dessert chef’s wrist. The dance of a busy waiter side-stepping around a chair. The signature on a cheque, marking the end of a perfect evening.

These are the small moments that ignite the fire. The flame that burns and smoulders and transforms a boring dinner for 2 into an experience that is… well, magical. 

We loved our old logo, but it wasn't enough anymore. It felt stylistically outdated and we needed something to boldly signal a new era of Superb. Plus, our worldwide community is anything but ordinary and safe. The restaurants working with Superb are places of discovery, wonder, and most importantly, magical experiences that matter. 

Our new logo helps communicate our uniqueness and dials the magical factor up a notch. 

The magical hour and its magical colours 

Our new colours aren’t just pretty to look at. They’re carefully curated to evoke the intensity of magical experiences and remind you of the intimate moments around sunrise or sunset. The embers of the day or the start of a new one. Long shadows. Shifting, inky silhouettes. 

We’ve created Superb Purple, Magic Black and Twilight Orange to set our brand apart. And yes, they are super pretty to look at. 

So now we’ve got a spark that ignites a magical experience and colours that set the stage. What about the people? The people who actually do the work — the reason why Superb exists. 

The people who make room for magical experiences 

From in-the-moment snapshots to behind-the-scenes photos, Our new image style focuses on the chefs and restaurant workers who make room for magical experiences on a daily basis.

Be clear… but give it flavour 

We want every word we write to embody the same magic as the experiences our community serves. That's why Superb Sans was created. 

It’s easy to read but has the personality and expression we’re after. 

There’s more to come…

Over the next months, we’ll continue to evolve our brand. The new logo and colours are just the starting point. 

The good news is that our product will stay as solid as ever. Our product team is constantly working on solutions, features and products that will give our community even more access to guest data and easier ways to turn those insights into… you guessed it, magical experiences. 

Do I have to do anything with my account?

If you’re already creating magic with Superb, no you won’t have to worry about doing anything! 

We’ll do all the heavy lifting so that you can relax and focus on building relationships with your guests. We do encourage you to keep installing any new updates so you can always experience our latest and greatest. 

What else is changing with the company?

We’re still focused on being your trusted partner. We know that reads like blah blah blah, but it’s true. We are making changes around the company, but only ones that we believe will have a positive impact on the industry. 

We hope the new logo and rebrand will get you excited about the future of Superb. Be sure to follow our blog and our social media accounts (Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn) for any major announcements.

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