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February 1, 2022

Top 8 benefits of a cloud-based POS system

Discover why a cloud point-of-sale system is the key to success and how your restaurant, bar or winery can reap the benefits.
February 1, 2022

As more and more diners request contactless payment options (over 82%), restaurants are discovering that a cloud-based point-of-sale system is the best way to respond to the demand.

But it’s not just flexible payment solutions that set a web-based, cloud POS system apart.

Restaurants seeking to boost customer service, help staff save time, improve inventory management and stay competitive in the market are embracing a cloud POS solution as the way forward.

Difference between a cloud-based POS system and a normal restaurant POS

  • Cloud = internet
  • Cloud-based = online storage and processing of data versus on a hard drive or on-premise server

Cloud-based POS systems process and store data online as opposed to locally on your computer or on-site server.

Think about the last time you saved something on your laptop.

If you saved it to your hard drive – downloaded it to your desktop, for example – you did what a traditional POS does. You can only access the file that you saved via your computer.

If you saved that same file to Google Drive, then you saved it in the “cloud”.

That means that you can access this file on any computer, from anywhere in the world. That’s what a cloud-based POS system does. It gives you the freedom, not trapped in one location near one device.

  • Traditional point-of-sale systems – Data is processed and stored locally
  • Cloud-based point-of-sale systems – Information entered in the POS goes to the cloud

Cloud-based POS systems are also called EPOS (electronic point of sale) because the software (the brain) runs on electronic equipment. Think of it like email versus mail – they both do the same thing, but one works electronically (email) and one requires the post.


Web-based point-of-sale systems let your restaurant create personalised experiences.


Top 8 benefits of a cloud EPOS for restaurants

What are the benefits of a cloud-based restaurant POS? Freedom. You’ll be able to manage your restaurant from anywhere – bar, dining room, terrace, etc. And because all data is stored on the internet, your entire team can have access and create personalised experiences easier.

Want more? Here are our top 8 reasons for using a cloud EPOS system in your restaurant, bar or winery.

  1. Increased speed and accuracy during service
  2. Faster tendering with more payment options
  3. Up-to-date, secure software
  4. Reduced hardware costs
  5. Precise inventory management
  6. In-depth reporting without manual work
  7. Better guest data when using integrated reservations and payments
  8. Easier staff training

1. Increased speed and accuracy during service

With a cloud-based EPOS system, a server can input the order at the counter or tableside and send it to the bar or kitchen in seconds. That includes outdoor tables and ones on separate floors.

Compare that speed with the old, traditional way of writing down an order, walking it to the kitchen and hoping the chef can read it. A cloud point-of-sale system eliminates the chances of error and the guest’s waiting time.

What can your restaurant do with the extra time? An increase in speed leads to an increase in table turnover and an opportunity to improve the guest experience with personalised upsells.

2. Faster tendering with more payment options

Cloud-based point-of-sale systems process transactions anywhere in the restaurant – bar, terrace, main dining room, indoors or out.

That equals convenience for guests and keeps your team in charge of the guest experience – versus having them queue up to pay when the meal is over.

Traditional POS systems only accept cash and debit/credit card payments.

With an EPOS system, guests pay in the method that best suits them – from online payments to traditional cash or credit card payments, through to e-wallets and contactless payments.

Don’t forget gift cards and mobile-friendly links that can be sent to a mobile device – plus the extra features such as split payments and automated tipping options. Only available with an electronic point-of-sale system.

3. Up-to-date, secure software

The software (the programming that makes the system work) that runs your EPOS system can update automatically to keep guest and business data safe.

Unlike a traditional point-of-sale system that keeps data locked in a specific computer, an EPOS system utilises the cloud. Updates download within minutes, and information is instantly available to anyone working within the system.

Data is also automatically backed up so you'll never lose it.



4. Reduced hardware costs

Traditional POS systems require a stationary terminal, a cash drawer, and a reader to accept cards.

EPOS systems require less hardware and are compatible with most tablets. That equals less money spent on expensive hardware.

For restaurants and bars, you can bring the guest experience directly to a customer, instead of asking them to queue at a stationary terminal in your restaurant.

5. Accurate inventory management

A cloud POS gives you a real-time, detailed account of each item in stock and helps prevent ingredient shortages and food waste.

With each sale, back office records automatically update in the cloud.

This gives you and your team a complete overview of what’s selling, what’s not, what you're low on and ways to improve your margins.

Perfect for restaurants working with seasonal ingredients, a cloud EPOS system lets your staff stay up-to-date with alerts about low inventory. They can better deal with customer expectations and offer options when dishes sell out.

6. In-depth reporting without manual work

Cloud-based EPOS systems are compatible with powerful integrations like accounting apps, team-planning software, marketing and analytics tools.

These integrations allow you to accurately assess business performance and remove the guesswork and manual work of tracking and reporting on paper.

Another advantage of EPOS is that, because of the internet connection, it can retrieve data from multiple locations. Great if your restaurant or bar has multiple venues.

7. Better guest data when integrated with reservations and payments

No matter how great your point-of-sale system is, unless your system is seamlessly connected with your reservations and payments, the data you collect is limited.

Superb’s POS is an advanced cloud-based EPOS system that combines flawlessly with reservations and payments.

This centralises guest data into one dashboard and gives you a total overview of every guest.

With one glance, you’ll know everything from dietary preferences and allergies to average spend and how best to upsell to each guest. And you’ll have this information available in one place – not spread over multiple systems, terminals and machines.

Your entire team will have access to the same information – great for keeping the top-level guest experience standard that you’re after.

Not only will this guest data help you provide personalised experiences that set your restaurant apart from the competition, but it will also give today’s diners exactly what they’re after.

8. Easier staff training

Cloud-based point-of-sale systems are user-friendly. Instead of asking your team to learn a completely new piece of hardware – like a standard POS terminal – they’ll quickly navigate on a tablet.

This puts your entire team on equal footing and takes the pressure off of the manager or lead server.

Your team will also have fewer buttons to push and more time to focus on actually being with guests – a win-win for everyone.


Ditch the cash register. Cloud POS systems are the future for restaurants.


Superb’s integrated EPOS system – designed exclusively for restaurants

When you choose Superb’s EPOS system, you’ll get far more out of your POS.

Rather than merely being a cash register, you now can rely on an all-in-one marketing, reservations management, analytics and payments tool.

  • Designed to match your needs and provide your team with a fast workflow — from taking orders, managing payments to daily sales reports and smart stock management.
  • Integrated seamlessly with our sleek terminals, enabling you to take orders, facilitate payments and collect insights in one place.
  • Packed with smart features for your team to work smarter while collecting the insights needed to build guest profiles, personalise every guest experience, and make guests come back.
  • Automated monthly reporting for your team, accountants and investors.
  • Set up and organise products into different categories, menus and sort by colour-code for easy navigation.
  • Advanced, Intelligent inventory management keeps track of stock and helps you manage suppliers and purchase orders.
  • Accept any payment method in the world and keep all payments in one place. Includes everything from bill parking, currency conversion, tipping, and payment splitting.
  • Advanced sales reports and analytics to better manage inventory and your bottom line.
  • Print receipts or send them directly to guests’ emails.

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