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May 24, 2022

How Björk Bambu uses GXM to save time and focus on creativity

See how Gothenburg’s Björk Bambu went from losing time to gaining creativity and efficiency with Superb’s all-in-one Guest Experience Management platform.
Customer Stories
May 24, 2022

Ping. You’ve got mail. 

For Björk Bambu, that familiar sound means more than just an email. It represents a chance to focus on creativity and another day without 2 pens, a calendar and a headache. 

With a blend of Scandinavian flavours and Chinese/Asian techniques, Gothbenburg’s Björk Bambu is a place where creativity is highlighted on every plate. 

Chef Oscar Persson and Restaurant Manager Christina Wu Persson continue to push the envelope on locally-sourced seasonal ingredients, served in a way that makes every guest feel welcomed.

Superb’s GXM Pro, they found, was a part of making their thriving business successful.

Christina explains, “Using Superb gives us time — which is essential. It's super important that we have that time to be creative and think through what we want to do to enhance the restaurant and make us better.”

Reaching the right guests 

It’s not every day that traditional Chinese cooking techniques marry with Nordic flavours. It’s brave and innovative and not something that Gothenburg knew it wanted. “It's hard when you are trying to run a restaurant with high ambitions and innovation. Maybe we’re sometimes too innovative for the Gothenburg people,” says Chef Oscar. 

But that’s where Superb’s GXM Pro platform comes into the picture. “To reach the right guests, we chose to work with Superb. They help us and promote us to reach the right guests.”

Freeing up time for creativity 

When innovation, creativity and the best guest experience possible are your passions, it’s important that you have the time to focus on the guests, not the technology. GXM Pro has been a welcomed addition to the Björk Bambu team in both the front- and back-of-house.  

“Before Superb, we managed reservations with two phones and a traditional old calendar with a pen,” Christina says. “It wasn’t efficient when we got busy, and it took up a lot of space.” 

Even during non-working hours, switching to online reservations and an all-in-one platform keep Björk Bambu running smoothly and even more efficiently.  

“We love going from old-school pen and paper with two phones to one iPad,” Christina explains. “Everything is maintained by itself. All of a sudden you get pings in your email saying that we got bookings.”

Getting pings in your email is one thing. Sure, advanced technology like GXM Pro can make running a restaurant easier and save you time. But it’s what you do with that time that matters. 

“Using Superb gives us valuable time back. It's super important that we can use that time to be creative and think through what we want to do to enhance the restaurant and make us better,” Christina says. “GXM allows us to create a comfortable and more accessible experience for our guests. It’s a great platform that customises the experience toward restaurants and guests. It helps us manage our restaurant without any complications.”

Investing in the future with cloud-based technology

Björk Bambu understands that guest experience is a dance between the right restaurant operating system and the team’s passion. By modernising and investing in cloud-based technology, they’re setting themselves up for decades to come.

“I would definitely recommend Superb to others because it's so easy to use. And even if you do have difficulties with something, the support they offer is always available 24/7,” mentions Christina.  

Ready to do like Björk Bambu and give your restaurant the time needed to create better guest experiences? Our all-in-one solution has everything you need to market, run, and grow your business. 

Whether you’re listed in the White Nordic Guide’s 250 best restaurants, or you’re just starting out, it’s time to put the power of guest data at your fingertips. And finally focus on what’s really important — creating magical experiences.

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