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September 29, 2022

Da Noi and Augusto reimagine the guest experience with Superb

See how Da Noi and Augusto put the guest experience first and treat every customer like family with Superb’s all-in-one Guest Experience Management platform.
Customer Stories
September 29, 2022

The husband and wife duo of Fabrizio Gobbato and Valentina Aviotti moved to Chester from their home in Italy over a decade ago. Their mission? To bring their passion for authentic Northwestern Italian cuisine to the city.  

Fabrizio explains, “We opened because of my two passions. One was wanting to run a project of my own, in any field. And the other was the passion I have for food and drink.” 

That passion paid off. Just 4 months after opening, Da Noi received its well-earned place in the Michelin guide. 

Valentina and Fabrizio weren’t satisfied resting on their success. They opened Augusto, an authentic Neapolitan pizzeria located on the famous Northgate Street in February of 2022. 

Unlike Da Noi, which is an intimate fine-dining restaurant, Augusto is designed to be easily accessible for students, couples, and families alike.

Whether you land a table at Da Noi or grab a slice at Augusto, Fabrizio wants the overall experience to be remembered. “As Italians, we’re very proud of our culinary history. We like things to be done well, especially when we eat together. We’re passionate about that.” 

And that experience starts with the booking. 

The experience starts with the reservation 

For Fabrizio and Valentina, it’s all about the guest. With Superb’s sleek reservation flow, they’re able to control the guest experience before a customer even enters the restaurant. 

“We were looking for something that would start the experience. One of the most important things we’ve learned from our first venue is that the experience starts the moment a guest is booking a table. 

If you have a nice visual that defines the brand, the right words in the right spaces and not too many steps in the booking flow, it truly ups the level of the guest experience.” 

The same is true when a reservation flow is too complicated or sends someone away from your restaurant’s website. Fabrizio adds, “If you have problems getting booked in, it’s the worst. Guests want the experience to be smooth and user-friendly. Superb can offer us that.”

Next-level service as a part of the experience

Fabrizio understands that a seamless booking experience is only the beginning. The magic continues after a guest enters the door. 

“Service is what takes an experience to the next level. It creates an empathetic connection between you and your guests. 

It’s not just about serving food. It’s about getting information out of every guest. What wine does someone like? What wine pairing do they like with their food? The difference, in our restaurant, is how we create human connections. 

We want people to feel like part of a family. That’s more than having a nice website or a little video on social media. Everyone who walks through the door is part of the family. When somebody is part of a family, you respect them for who they are. They're different from you. They come from different environments, and they have different interests.

They’ve dedicated time to eat with us, and it’s our job to give them the best 2 hours of their lives.”

With Superb, the team will have access to guest profiles and notes. Vital information they can use to create relationships and build the connections that they value. 

“Data is absolutely paramount. If I know that someone lives in a particular area in Chester, I can talk to him about that. I know that I can do a little wine tasting with them. 

If I have three or four pieces of information before they arrive, that’s what I tell my team to focus on. Use the information to make the experience,” adds Fabrizio. 

Equipping the team with guest data 

Guest data shouldn’t be so high level that no one can access or use it. Fabrizio explains, “Data helps my team start a relationship. It’s the perfect platform for them to build on.

It’s the feature in Superb that I’m most excited to use. I want to see what difference it makes and how our team can develop from it.” 

We’re excited to see how Da Noi and Augusto use the guest data and insights, too. And how their relationships in Chester benefit. 

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