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October 1, 2021

The gift on everyone’s list? Restaurant gift cards

Gift cards are a billion-a-year industry, with 72% of consumers asking for restaurant gift cards for Christmas this year. Is your restaurant ready?
October 1, 2021

Gift cards represent an instant source of revenue for your restaurant, bistro or bar. The gift card market is valued globally at over $698 billion, and digital gift cards are projected to grow 23% by 2025. 

There’s no better time to sell gift cards than during the holidays. A quick check on Google shows that searches for “restaurant gift cards” start to increase in mid-October and max out by late December. 

With the holiday rush just around the corner, is your restaurant set up to sell gift cards? If not, you’re missing out on a piece of a money-making pie.

Why are restaurant gift cards so popular? 

And by popular, we mean really popular. Over 40% of all gift cards sold are for restaurants. 

Not only are they great for business, but guests also love them because they’re easy to add to a last-minute shopping list and perfect for that friend who has everything. 

According to research from the National Restaurant Association (USA):

  • 62% of consumers interviewed want a restaurant gift card. 
  • 62% of consumers said they want a gift card from their favourite restaurant.
  • 20% would like a gift card to a new restaurant.
  • 18% want a gift card for a restaurant they’d never choose on their own. 
  • 38% will save it for a special occasion.

3 quick tips to sell gift cards this holiday season 

Starting now, promote your gift cards with current customers and let new guests know that you offer them. 

  1. Make it easy for customers to buy and use your gift cards. Superb’s Guest Experience Management platform (GXM) provides you with a shareable gift card link that you can share across your social media, making it easy for customers to find, buy and then use their cards. And when they come in to redeem them, everything is on one platform, making it easy for you to find the information you need. 
  2. Remember existing customers. When you begin promoting your gift cards, don’t forget your email list. Include a link in your newsletter or design a specific email marketing campaign that encourages guests to share with their friends and family. 
  3. Use your social media. Share your gift card link across your social media channels – Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and Twitter. And include it on your website, too. 

Top the wish list with gift cards from Superb 

Gift cards will help your restaurant increase revenue… but let’s be honest, no one gives a gift card for that reason. They care about their own experience. 

With Superb, guests can select between giving an amount or preselecting a menu. The recipient receives a beautifully designed email or printout with a unique code, making it easy for you to find the gift card upon their arrival. 

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