Gift cards

Increase your revenue with digital gift cards

Restaurant gift cards made easy

Sell any experience or amount

Offer e-gift cards for preselected menus and experiences or let customers choose the amount.

Sell online 24/7

Sell gift cards online by adding a button to your website or your social media. No third-party software needed.

Next-day payouts

With Superb, you’ll benefit from next-day payouts. Sell an e-gift card tonight, get paid tomorrow.

82% of restaurant guests will spend more when they use gift cards. That’s extra revenue in your pocket.

Start selling gift cards today

Sell gift cards and track them from your dashboard

E-gift cards are an integrated part of both GXM Lite and GXM Pro solutions.

No need to spend time connecting an extra piece of software or waste time learning a new system.

You’ll sell, redeem and track gift cards from one dashboard.

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Take any payment in
the world.

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No-show protection

Finally, put an end
to no-shows.

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Increase online reservations
without paying per booking.

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Point of Sale

Connect your entire restaurant
with a cloud-based POS system.

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Can Superb’s GXM replace the gift card software we use today?
100% yes. Superb lets you create and sell gift cards directly from the platform. And because the gift cards come from the same all-in-one platform, redeeming them is easier for your team, too.

With Superb, there’s also no need for a separate ticketing service. 

Our platform allows you to create and sell tickets for any restaurant event, dining experience, tasting menu and more. And you’ll do it all within one system — that means you’ll own the data and can target your ticketing to specific customers.
How does Superb help maximise revenue with upsells?
When guests book a table at your restaurant or bar, you’ll have the opportunity to offer upsell items such as welcome drinks, beer or wine menus, and more. 

GXM Pro is a true all-in-one Guest Experience Management platform that gives you guest data from reservations and POS in one platform. You’ll know exactly how to upsell based on previous spending habits, orders, special events and more.
How does Superb help improve the overall guest experience?
Superb’s GXM platform combines all of the tools needed to build guest relationships in one platform. 

It starts with the reservation and continues through to the final payment. Along the way, you'll collect guest data such as personal preferences, dietary restrictions, and previous visit and spend information. 

This guest data isn’t hidden behind multiple clicks or different operating systems — it’s in one platform, and everyone on your team has access to the same information. The only thing left is for you to use the guest insights to build personal relationships and create personalised guest experiences that your regulars want.