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July 5, 2022

Maximise profits with gift cards

Forget plug-ins and extra software. Start selling gift cards directly from your website or Instagram with Superb. Available with GXM Lite and GXM Pro.
July 5, 2022

With Superb, guests can purchase gift cards directly from your website without relying on plug-ins or extra software. Customers can choose between giving an amount or preselecting a menu or experience.

The recipient receives a beautifully designed email or printout with a unique code, making it easy for you to find the gift card in the system.

Purchasing — The customer can specify the amount and recipient and add a message when purchasing.

Receiving — The recipient receives their digital gift card in their email — complete with your restaurant's branding.

Redeeming — Gift cards can either be printed out or sent digitally. Either way, each gift voucher comes with a unique code, making it easy for your team to find and redeem. And if the recipient wants to add more to the card or use less than what’s on the voucher, that’s easy, too.

Guest experience — Gift cards are not tied to a specific account or guest profile. That means that guests can send and receive gift cards without creating an account.  

Compatible with Superb reservations, POS and payments — If you use Superb’s GXM Pro (our all-in-one Guest Experience Management platform), your gift cards are automatically synced and connected with your bookings, point-of-sale system and payment terminal.  

Setup is easy — Interested in selling gift cards on your website? We’ll handle the work and show you how to create gift cards in just one click. Contact us today to get started.

Gift card admin — See all gift cards at a glance. View and sort details about individual cards by gift card code, receiver name or receiver email. Easily redeem gift cards in service with the Superb’s RES for iPad app. In addition, on the iPad, you can see if a booking was made with a gift card without having to log in to a separate system.

Top features of gift cards with Superb’s GXM

Here are some of the top features that our community of restaurants love:

  1. Create gift cards with expiration dates — Your team can create gift cards and add an expiration date.
  2. Purchase experiences as gift cards — With Superb’s gift cards, you can allow customers to purchase other experiences and products as gift cards. This means that the customer can choose their gift card from any of your selected options — from weekend brunch to tasting menus, unique events or special dining experiences.
  3. Customisable gift cards — Superb’s gift cards allow guests to include a personal message with every gift voucher purchased.
  4. Add-on to the gift card — Just because a guest is redeeming a gift card doesn’t mean you can’t upsell or add items to their bill. The same is true if a guest spends less than the gift card’s value. With Superb, it’s easy.
  5. Share gift cards on social media and beyond — Share your gift card link on your social media and make it even easier for guests to purchase. Thanks to shareable links, it’s as easy as copying and pasting to Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp and more.
  6. Secure with unique codes — Each gift card comes with a unique code that makes it safe for the recipient and easy for your team to find and redeem the card.
  7. Analyse gift card performance with reports — Through your Dashboard, you’ll have a complete overview of all gift cards sold, purchase dates, amounts, remaining amounts, sender and receiver's name, expiry date and more.
  8. Next-day payouts — Why should you have to wait a week to get paid? When you sell a gift card with Superb, you’ll get your money the next business day.

Want to sell gift cards but not quite sure how to market them? Discover our top 10 ways to promote your gift cards and increase revenue here.

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