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August 10, 2022

Use experiences and events to keep guests coming back for more

From private events to tasting menus, see how Superb’s GXM makes it easy to create and market special experiences and events directly in the platform.
August 10, 2022

Long gone are the days when restaurant guests simply buy food on a plate.

For today’s guests, it’s all about perception and how you make guests feel when they visit your restaurant or bar. Want to keep them coming back for more? Introduce experiences and events.

Whether it's tasting menus, a New Year’s Eve dinner, seasonal offerings, Chef’s Tables or a unique event, setting up experiences with Superb’s GXM platform is easy, quick and a great way to keep guests coming back.

With Superb’s Guest Experience Management platform (GXM), it's easy to create and market special restaurant experiences and events. You can let your guests know what’s on offer directly in the booking flow with details, photos, pricing and more.

Guests can select their preferred seating area, and you can drive revenue with upsells tailored specifically to their preferences.

It's easy to market and promote your event on Instagram, Facebook, or your website thanks to shareable links. Add these to your link-in-bio or Instagram Stories (more on that below).

Experiences can be specific to certain areas of your venue or only offered during specific times, like brunch on the weekend.

That means you can still open parts of your restaurant for regular bookings. There’s no need to close down your whole dining room, terrace or bar when you’re hosting a unique event or restaurant experience.

With Superb’s GXM platform, guests can book the experience or make a normal reservation.

Here’s an example of what your guests will see when they go to make a booking…

*Don’t forget to add an image. Both GXM Lite and GXM Pro let you maximise imagery to engage customers before the experience even starts.

Be in control of every experience you create.

Besides the obvious information (like date and time), take it further by adding a minimum and maximum guest count, event duration, and turnaround time of every event and experience. Plus, you can upload a copy of the menu and do it all in English and your local language

If you’re worried about no-shows. Don’t be.

The same no-show protection that keeps your regular reservations safe can be used for experiences and events, too.

Our no-show feature requires guests to enter their credit card details at booking. That way, you can charge a no-show fee if they ghost on the day of the experience.

If you want even more security and protection, make the experiences and events at your restaurant prepaid. With tickets and deposits, you’ll know exactly how many people are coming and how best to prepare. And as always, prepayments and no-show fees are paid out to your bank account on the next business day.

Hosting a private event? Do it with Superb’s GXM platform. When you’re setting up the experience or event, click private. From there, only guests with the link can book.

The best part about creating experiences and events with Superb is that you’ll manage event and experience bookings, payments and tickets in the same place as your restaurant reservations and POS. That means you’ll streamline operations and unlock a complete overview of your guests.

Already using Superb’s GXM Lite or GXM Pro? Click here to set up experiences on your website.

If you’re not giving guests a reason to come back to your restaurant or bar with events and experiences, you can be. Book a chat with a product expert here.

How to put links on Instagram stories

It’s easy to share experiences with your followers on Instagram by using link stickers in your stories.

Link stickers are the only way to have clickable URLs on Instagram.

You can’t do it in your regular posts, only in stories. They’re the quickest way to let guests know how to book an experience, make a reservation, buy a gift card, or find more information about everything from a menu to seasonal specials on your website.

How to add a link sticker to your Instagram story

  1. In the app, tap the + sign.
  2. Select story.
  3. Add an image or video to your story.
  4. Tap the sticker icon at the top. It looks like a smiley face.
  5. Find the LINK sticker.
  6. Paste the URL and change the text to something like ‘Book here’.
  7. Tap Done. Tap the sticker to change colour. Pinch to resize it and drag to move it.
  8. Tap the arrow to add to your story.

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