No-show protection

Stop losing money on no-shows

Why just limit no-shows when you can stop them?

Avoid the stress and cost of last-minute cancellations and no-shows.
With credit card details, deposits and prepayments, you’re in total control.  

Fine dining

Focus your time on the guest experience, not on missed reservations.

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Ask for credit card confirmation for bookings. 

Sell prepaid tickets for experiences and menus. 

Request a deposit for all or a portion of a booking.

Casual dining

Protect your bottom line from last-minute cancellations and forgotten reservations.

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Request credit card details to hold a reservation.

Offer prepaid tickets for events, experiences and menus. 

Require a deposit for all or part of a booking.

Wine bars

Make sure you aren’t left with empty seats on your busiest nights. 

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Require credit card confirmation for all bookings — even large groups.

Sell prepaid tickets for unique experiences and events. 

Ask for a deposit to hold a reservation.

No-shows? No more.

Credit card confirmation

You can require that guests add their payment cards when making a reservation online. If the guest or party doesn’t show or cancels outside of your cancellation window, you can choose to enforce your cancellation policy.

Deposit and prepayments

Ask guests to purchase a ticket in advance or prepay a deposit when booking a table. You can choose to sell prepaid tickets for specific menus or special events and even require for large groups.

Email and text confirmation

With reconfirmation emails and text messages, you can remind guests of upcoming reservations. These are automated in the system, saving you time and keeping you from playing phone tag. 

How Superb helps your business grow


Take any payment in
the world.

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Guest insights

Build more guest relationships.

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Increase online reservations
without paying per booking.

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Point of Sale

Connect your entire restaurant
with a cloud-based POS system.

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Ready to take your restaurant into the future?


Can we send SMS text message confirmations for reservations?
100% yes. You can send regular booking confirmations and text message reminders to all guests* with just one click. 

Want to help avoid no-shows and remind customers of upcoming reservations? Send reconfirmation emails or text messages. 

Email and text messaging are available for both GXM Lite and GXM Pro customers. Click here for pricing. 

*This applies to all guests who chose to receive email notifications from your restaurant.
Can we charge for no-shows and last-minute reservation cancellations?
Yes. With Superb’s no-show protection, your restaurant, winery, cafe, or bar is fully protected from no-shows. 

From day one, you’ll be able to set a credit card policy or accept deposits for all bookings. Plus, you’ll have access to reservation confirmation emails and texts and reconfirmation notifications.
How much does Superb cost?
We have different packages available. 

Our GXM Lite includes everything you need for reservations, tickets, gift cards and more. Including no-show protection, automated waitlists, smart table management, and a design that perfectly matches your brand. 

GXM Pro does all of that and more. Including a fully integrated POS and payments solution that lets you run your entire restaurant from one platform. For more details on our plans, visit our pricing page.