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July 5, 2022

GXM vs. using multiple systems

Finally have the power of reservations, EPOS and payments in one place. Need more reasons to choose GXM over multiple systems? Keep reading.
July 5, 2022

Superb’s Guest Experience Management platform (GXM) provides a better way to create magical experiences for every guest.

But how?

In essence, it’s because it’s an all-in-one system. That means that your reservations, your POS system, your payments and your guest data are all in one place.

So what, you might think. Well, we’re here to tell you the difference that could make, and why the world’s top restaurateurs are choosing GXM to run and market their restaurants.

What do we mean by ‘using multiple systems’?

Before we get going, it makes sense to explain exactly what we mean by ‘using multiple systems’.

It could mean many things, but essentially we’re talking about everything Superb isn’t.

That is, using software, paper, spreadsheets and other programs, rather than one platform that does it all.

It could mean:

  • Using one piece of software for reservations, another one for your POS, a different system to take payments, one more for gift cards, and so on.  
  • Using different tools, plug-ins, or integrations — a bunch of different things that perform different functions and don’t work well together.
  • Traditional paper and phone for taking bookings and a clunky POS for handling orders. In reality, this still probably means using spreadsheets, emails and other more traditional software.
  • Some combination of the lot.

We realise that getting rid of these separate systems and various tools isn’t always easy. Many restaurants find a way that ‘works for me’, and often you’re glued to ‘the way we’ve always done it’ or stick with tools recommended by other restaurateurs.

This is particularly important for the guest experience. We know that many of you have found a way that works for you, and worry about changing because it might be more inefficient, require more time, or even waste time as you train up your staff.

But there’s a reason why this is not good enough for your restaurant.

In fact, we’ve managed to find 6 reasons.

“Superb’s all-in-one solution simplifies my daily operations and gathers all guest data in one place. Much easier for my team to make each guest feel special and build relationships.” — Roy Magne Berglund | Lofoten Food Studio in Ballstad, Norway

1. Is it easy to use?

Whatever Guest Experience Management system or restaurant management system you’re working with, it needs to be simple to use. Wasting hours on a complicated system is not good enough, even if you feel like it’s the best way for you to do things. If it’s not easy to use, then it can’t really save you time or provide any value to your customers.

Superb’s GXM…

  • Is built exclusively for the restaurant industry with your workflow in mind.  
  • Has a simple, intuitive design that’s easy to train staff on.
  • Already has bookings, POS and payments connected — so you don’t lose time switching between systems.  

Multiple systems…

  • Are often clunky and old-fashioned, taking months to get your head around.
  • Involve complicated workarounds that are hard to explain to anyone else.
  • Require you to constantly switch between tools and integrations, causing confusion and a lot of hard work.
  • Were designed for everything from retail to amusement parks… not the restaurant industry.

In a sentence

You might be used to your way of doing things, but you’ll be able to pick up GXM from day one. And so will your staff.

2. Does it take long to train staff?

When it comes to understanding and using guest data to create magical dining experiences, you need a platform that staff can get to grips with quickly. They’re not there to spend clicking through multiple screens and apps, and every moment you can save means more time with the guests.

Superb’s GXM…

  • Works on iPads and iPhones with simple taps and drag-and-drop features. It’s super intuitive and easy for all levels — from tech-savvy to those who miss their pencils.
  • Comes with a loaded help centre and training guides to help your staff get to grips with it.
  • Offers on-demand support with product experts for any questions you have… even during service.

Multiple systems…

  • Require you to train staff on more than one complicated system.
  • Could mean lots of time spent buried behind a POS or running back and forth between the kitchen and dining room.
  • Frustrate your staff with unnecessary processes and hard work.
  • Distract your staff from what they should focus on… your guests.

In a sentence

Staff pick up GXM with ease, and we’re here to support you the minute they have any questions.

3. Are there errors and mistakes?

Mistakes in the way you work can be costly to any restaurant. A lost order or an error in the final bill is devastating. Not to mention how easy it is to lose valuable guest data and insights between the cracks when you’ve got multiple points of data entry from disconnected systems.

Superb’s GXM…

  • Keep all of your guest data secure and safe, with regular backups to ensure nothing gets lost.
  • Automatically shares guest information and profiles across your POS from reservations, making it easy to move orders, change tables and upsell during service.
  • Is cloud-based and works in real-time, meaning everyone on your team is seeing the most recent updates.

Multiple systems…

  • Are not as secure with guest data not being freely shared across tools.
  • Mean you have to update in different places (bookings, POS, gift card plug-in, ticketing, etc.), making it easy to miss something.
  • Don’t always work together in harmony, meaning things get lost in between.
  • Can have different people updating different things at different times, creating mistake-ridden orders and EOD reports.

In a sentence

If you want a flawless restaurant experience, trust GXM over your disconnected systems.

4. Are you doing double (or quadruple) the work?

Saving time is one of the many reasons restaurants and bars turn to Guest Experience Management. Because what wastes more time than anything else? Entering the same stuff more than once — something you can guarantee you will be doing with multiple systems.

Superb’s GXM…

  • Combines reservations, POS and payments in one + gift cards, tickets, SMS, email confirmations, no-show protection and more. One platform that runs it all.
  • Shares guest data across the platform so you don’t spend time hunting for it.
  • Lets guests book online and add profile details themselves, reducing your workload in some areas completely.

Multiple systems…

  • Require you to enter details more than once if they’re not properly integrated.
  • Need you to manually collect reports for tracking.
  • Make you spend more time behind a screen and less time with guests.

In a sentence

GXM will save you time every day and every service by combining all the tools you need in one.

5. Do you know where to find everything?

Note pads. Spreadsheets. The mind of your restaurant manager. Where exactly is that key piece of information about a guest that you need? The time you waste and the hard work required just searching for things every day is worth getting rid of your separate systems alone.

Superb’s GXM…

  • Has dedicated places for guest notes, reports, and more.
  • Keeps your guest data backed up so nothing gets lost.
  • Gives you simple, quick overviews so that you always know what’s going on in your restaurant.

Multiple systems…

  • Leave you with all of your stuff in a thousand different places and spread between different plug-ins and integrations, making it hard to find anything.
  • Increase the chance of something important getting lost.
  • Don’t give you the complete, truthful overview that you need to run a successful business.

In a sentence

GXM saves you time by keeping everything in one place. The end.

6. What is the quality of the guest experience?

What use are all of these benefits if the guest data you collect just isn’t good enough? At the end of the day, any system is only as good as the guest experience you can create because of it. GXM has features that make it easier to personalise every dining experience and turn every guest into a regular.

Superb’s GXM…

  • Makes adding guest notes simple for staff, no matter how technophobic they are.
  • Gives you combined guest data from across your restaurant (bookings and point-of-sale system) to tailor dining experiences to every guest.
  • Comes with added features to help you upsell and customise every dining experience to a guest — whether it’s a large group or a solo diner.

Multiple systems…

  • Often result in less time spent with guests.
  • Can be a confusing and time-consuming process for your staff, taking them away from what really matters and forcing you to hire more staff for service.

In a sentence

GXM gives you the freedom to create the guest experience the way you like and the tools to ensure you’re building the best relationships with customers.

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