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October 14, 2022

Frode finds a creative way to market and run their restaurant

See how Restaurant Frode creates personalised guest experiences with Superb’s POS and all-in-one Guest Experience Management solution.
Customer Stories
October 14, 2022

At Restaurant Frode, the season’s freshest Nordic ingredients are always served. With a strong focus on sustainability, the team behind Farum’s new restaurant wants each guest to understand the possibilities that exist when all parts of a raw material are used. 

We met Cecilie Erlandsen, Restaurant Manager of Frode, to hear about the restaurant’s journey and how Superb gives them the insights needed to build lasting guest relationships.  

Greet every guest by name 

While the restaurant scene in Farum isn’t as advanced as its neighbour Copenhagen,  Cecilie knows the importance of serving personalised guest experiences and always greeting returning guests by name. 

She explains, “With Superb’s all-in-one solution, we have every tool in one and don’t need to rely on multiple suppliers and layers of software. That gives us more time to focus on our guests and create the dining experiences that they want.  

Having all of our tools in one also means that we own the guest data and don't need to share it with other providers.”

Creative ways to market your restaurant 

Restaurant Frode also uses Superb to sell experiences and secure revenue in advance with prepayments, deposits and tickets.

“With Superb, we’re able to be creative and market our restaurant in various ways. For example, we offer a Winemaker’s Dinner where guests book online and prepay. This lets us know who is coming and how to prepare for each guest before they arrive. 

Most importantly, Frode sees Superb as a trusted partner.  Cecilie adds, “It’s an amazing partnership, the team is always available and that's something we really appreciate. Your support is always around when we need it and Superb truly understands our needs.” 

Our commitment to being your trusted partner goes beyond technology. Whatever success looks like for your restaurant, we’re here to help you get there.

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