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October 2, 2022

What will Guest Experience Management software do for you?

Is your current system good enough? Meet the GXM solution that will help staff spend less time on screens and more time with guests.
October 2, 2022

Endless time spent on multiple devices that aren’t built to work together, useless charts, and complicated systems can make you think it might be better if you switch to pen, paper and a cash register.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Superb’s Guest Experience Management platform (GXM) is intuitive and simple to use, yet the flexibility and understanding that you get can have a real impact on the guest experience at your restaurant, pub or bar.

Keep reading to see why Superb’s GXM platform isn’t just better than your current system or systems… It's something completely different.

1. Gives you the freedom to move

Any online system that supports the restaurant industry should make the lives of your staff easier, allowing them to spend less time on screens and more time with guests.

How does Superb do that?

With Superb’s GXM platform, your team is free to move around the restaurant and meet guests where they are — on the terrace, at the bar or waiting at the curb. Thanks to cloud-based connected terminals, payments aren’t restricted to a clunky machine either. Do your guests want to pay digitally while sitting outside? No problem.

Superb is all about mobile-first. Your team can work on a laptop, tablet or smartphone. Whatever happens on one will save across all devices, ready to view on another device.

That means you only have to do things once. When a table moves from the bar to the terrace, it’s automatically updated in both the POS and Reservations apps.  

What does all that mean for your team? They're not stuck behind a counter or glued to a certain area of your restaurant.

The features:

  • Information syncs across apps and devices  
  • Track table changes across the platform
  • Mobile-first — perfect for iPads and iPhones
"Superb’s GXM platform allows us to create a comfortable and more accessible experience for our guests. It’s a great platform that customises the experience for restaurants and guests. It helps us manage our restaurant without any complications." — Christina Wu Persson from Björk & Bambu | Gothenburg, Sweden

2. Lets you plan with confidence

As a manager, you need a proper overview that you can trust, giving the right understanding to plan and prepare in the right way. As a server, you need to know who’s coming to dinner and, if you’ve got returning guests coming, how to personalise their experiences.

How does Superb do that?

With Superb’s GXM platform, every team member has access to what’s happening before, during and after service. With different viewing options, a server can see who’s coming to dinner tonight, while the restaurant manager can have an overview of the month.  

Superb gives you access to guest profiles. Here, you can add guest notes, see what dietary restrictions you need to be aware of and more. This information gives you a quick overview of who your guests are and lets you know how to best create a magical dining experience.

No more messy documents, highlighted notes on the counter, or VIP guest information trapped in the heads of a few employees. Instead, you’ll have the data and overview you need to give guests the restaurant dining experiences they’re after, right at your fingertips.

The features:

3. Gives you total flexibility

Spoiler alert: No 2 restaurants are the same. Your software should work the way you do, rather than forcing you to change because it can’t accommodate how you like to do things.

How does Superb do that?

However you like to take bookings, Superb has an answer.

If you like to offer experiences only, that’s fine by us. If you prefer a mix of experiences, online bookings, events and walk-ins, that’s cool, too. We’ve built a system that is flexible enough to work the way you do.

That goes for the actual reservations, too. With no-show protection, you can require a credit card guarantee at the time of booking. Or, ask for a deposit beforehand. You can also sell tickets. The choice is yours.

Payment flexibility is another feature of Superb’s GXM platform. With our mobile terminal, you can accept any payment in the world. That means that every guest can pay the way they prefer. Can’t get more flexible than that.

The one thing we’re not flexible on is when you get your money. It’s always the next business day — exactly when you need it. Sorry, but that’s non-negotiable. We believe that you deserve your money right away… not having to wait a week. At Superb, you’ll always enjoy next-day payments for all gift cards, tickets, deposits and no-show fees.

The features:

"Superb’s all-in-one platform enables us to save time by making every step we take more efficient and easier. Collecting data is, therefore, essential for us to save time, work more efficiently and serve up personalised experiences for every guest." — Lucia De Luca from Tèrra | Copenhagen, Denmark

4. Keeps everything in one place

One problem with restaurant software is that most of it doesn’t do everything. Instead, you have one piece of software for bookings, paper for guest notes, spreadsheets for inventory and a POS system for orders. Adding another software system to the pile doesn’t always feel like the most efficient way to go.

How does Superb do that?

Superb is so much more than normal restaurant management software. It’s a Guest Experience Management platform that gives you the guest insights to create magical experiences. And it’s the only tool that brings everything you need to run your restaurant into one place.

We’re talking reservations, a cloud-based EPOS system and payments. Plus, tickets, gift cards, guest communication, guest notes and insights, events, no-show protection and so much more.  

If you need it. It’s there.

No longer will you have to switch between systems, manually enter data on a hundred different screens, or expect guests to forgive you when you didn’t recognise them as regulars.

Instead, you’ll have one place to go, no matter what you need.

The features:

  • All your restaurant tools in one place
  • Reservations, POS and payments in one
  • Automatically share information across the platform

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