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March 31, 2022

What’s new and updated in March

What's new in GXM? Discover the latest product updates and everything new in Superb’s Guest Experience Management platform. March 2022.
March 31, 2022

While you’ve been getting your restaurant ready for what hopefully proves to be a restriction-free year (fingers crossed), we’ve been adding new functionality across the platform. 

Here’s what’s new and updated in Superb’s GXM. 

Track table changes across the platform 

Good news for all POS app users. When you move a reservation to a different table in the POS app, it automatically moves to the new table in the partner apps. 

Your team will save time during service and have a complete, real-time overview of the table plan. More good news? If you move a table in the partner apps, the change happens automatically in the POS app, too.



Clear tables with confidence — not by accident 

We know how crazy it can get during service. Gone are the days of accidentally clearing a table and struggling with how to get it back. We’ve changed the colour of the clear table button in the POS app to red. And added a second confirmation before actually clearing the table. 

Move a bill without moving mountains 

With the new 'Move a Bill' feature, you can quickly move a bill to another table in the Superb POS app.

That means it's no longer an issue when a guest moves from aperitifs at the bar to their table for dinner. Or when they ask to change tables after already placing their orders.

You’ll no longer have to manually add and remove items on the bill by table. This gives you more time during service and lets you concentrate on what you do best, giving guests an experience to remember.



Authenticate with Google, Apple or Facebook 

Your guests have even more options when it comes to making a reservation. We’ve added Google and Apple as new authentication types. Now it’s even easier and faster for customers to add their details when booking. 

Guests can now enter their details by connecting their Facebook, Google, or Apple accounts or entering details manually. 

Improve the guest experience 

The whole reason we created the world’s first Guest Experience Management platform was to help you create personalised experiences. That was our goal back when we started, and we’re not stopping now. 

Speaking of better guest experiences, we’ve updated your confirmation emails. They now include the name of the experience in the detail section. It's one more way you can start setting the stage for what’s to come before guests even arrive.



Superb RES apps: Quicker service, better experiences and an end to table conflicts

  • Need information faster? In the Superb Reservation iPad app, add prices to each of the items and supplements available. That puts valuable information at your team’s fingertips and better personalised experiences just a click away. 
  • Worried about table conflicts? See any potential conflicts directly in the reservation modal without exiting and opening a new window. 
  • Looking for walk-ins? A quick search in your Guest Book shows you exactly who they are. 

Superb Web Partner: A picture is worth a thousand words

  • Make your website a part of the guest experience. You can now add an image to each Experience in your reservation flow. This gives your guests a sneak peek of what they’re in for and lets you create a booking experience that stands out. 
  • Stay in control of every email. Only send email confirmations when you want to. When you want to remind guests of an upcoming booking, check the send email box and voila, the system automatically handles the rest. 

Want to know about other incredible features and updates? Check out how we keep evolving to meet your needs here.  

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