Reporting and analytics

Track your restaurant’s performance

Advanced reporting to keep you in the know


Never run out of your bestsellers. Manage food and wine inventory with up-to-date status reports.

Sales reporting

From EOD to Z reports, you can track, view, analyse and export the data you need on payments, payouts, invoices and more.


Seamless integration with accounting apps and team planning software puts you in control of your entire business.

Stay up-to-date with real-time insights

Uncover trends and opportunities with automated reports for your accountants and investors.

Quickly download sales reports and transaction reports when needed. 

Track the performance of your guest experience with Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel integration. 

See how well your employees are performing in terms of tips, sales and turnover.

See which products are your highest performing and which have high return and turnover levels.

Get insights into top-selling products, users, registers, rooms and more. 

See changes in reservations, no-shows and guest trends over time. 

Have the insights needed to build guest relationships

From visit count to favourite items and average spend, use the data pulled from every report to know your guests better and turn customers into regulars.

See the power of guest insights

How Superb helps your business grow


Take any payment in
the world.

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No-show protection

Finally, put an end
to no-shows.

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Increase online reservations
without paying per booking.

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Point of Sale

Connect your entire restaurant
with your cloud-based POS system.

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How does Superb help accountants?
Superb’s GXM Lite and GXM Pro solutions offer a simple financial overview, automatic reporting and seamless integrations. Our partner programme comes with no associated costs — just benefits for you and your clients.
Do we need extra software for reporting? 
Our all-in-one solution for restaurants (GXM Pro) collects and tracks all the info you need directly from your restaurant's ticket sales, gift card sales, in-person payments, online payments and more — in finance overviews whenever you need them.

Plus, daily sales reports provide you with a simple overview of spendings, transactions and payouts.
How can better reporting with Superb save a restaurant time? 
With Superb, you won't have to waste time collecting sales reports and payout overview across multiple platforms. Plus, since it’s automated, you can avoid repetitive procedures. 

We’ve made it easy to track every transaction made in the restaurant — in one platform. 

With Superb every transaction from tickets, POS or no-shows will be gathered in daily, weekly or monthly sales reports to make your life easier.
What type of accounting integration is offered?
We offer direct integrations and compatibility with most accounting software on the market.

Reach out to our stellar support team to ask about a specific integration.