GXM Lite

The last reservations platform you’ll need

Give your team control. Give your guests the ultimate experience.

Welcome your guests like never before

With reservations, built-in no-show protection, tickets, gift cards and detailed guest insights,
GXM Lite helps activate new revenue streams and deliver magical experiences.

Customisable booking flow

Customise the look and feel of your reservation experience and ensure your brand stands out before the guest even arrives. From à la carte, Chef’s Tables, tasting menus or events, Superb makes it easy to complete a booking.

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White-labelled with your brand

Accept standard and prepaid reservations

Commission-free covers

Booking links for all social media channels

No-show protection

The first platform to introduce no-show protection for restaurants. Secure bookings with a credit card, prepaid ticket or deposit. Send automated email and text message reminders about upcoming reservations.

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Take credit card guarantee to secure bookings

Presell tickets or require deposits

Send automated reconfirmation emails and texts

On-the-go mobile apps

Whatever the language, currency, or device, automate routine tasks and focus on what inspired you to start your restaurant in the first place. Superb gives you unprecedented cloud-based access to run your business.

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Easy to use iPad and iPhone apps

Save time with fully automated table management and seating

Decrease training time for new staff with easy-to-use dashboards

Multiple revenue streams

Whether it’s event tickets, unique experiences or gift cards, know exactly how to prepare for each arrival.

From one simple-to-use platform, guests can preselect everything from wine menus and welcome drinks to their preferred menu, table or room. The end result? You’re free to make the most of the guest experience and maximise revenue.

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Unique experiences and events

 Add-ons, upsells, upgrades and event ticketing

Require credit card authorisation to secure your revenue

Detailed guest insights

Empower your team with a complete overview of each guest and the data needed to personalise each experience. 

From their favourite wine and allergy information to guest notes and reservation history, GXM Lite brings your guest book to life. And the best part? You’ll have full control of the data.

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Collect guest data with ease

Create personalised experiences for each guest

Identify booking and cancellation trends to safeguard your business

Standard reservations
Prepaid reservations
Sharable booking links
Group management
Multiple viewing options
Upsells and add-ons during reservation flow
Guest profiles, notes and tags
Cloud-based iPad and iPhone app
Google and Facebook pixel integration
Cloud-based, data protection

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Integrate all tools and collect guest data

Give your team control over the guest data needed to turn customers into regulars. Total control is only possible by stepping into the future and integrating all of your tools into one solution.

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Björk Bambu

“Using Superb gives us time — which is essential. It’s super important that we have that time to be creative and to improve the guest experience.”

Christina Wu Persson
Restaurant Manager


“With Superb, we’re able to simplify our daily operations by gathering all our tools in one place.”

Valerio Serino
Owner & Manager

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What is GXM?
GXM stands for Guest Experience Management. It’s the new way of managing a restaurant, cafe, bar or bistro by using guest data. You’ll better understand who your guests are and have the tools needed to build relationships, turn guests into regulars, and create magical experiences.
How quickly can our restaurant get started using Superb’s GXM platform?
You’ll start with a 30-minute call to get introduced to the platform and set up your account. After that, you’re ready to begin. 

We’ll handle transferring your data and provide video training sessions so your restaurant can scale the team without software holding you back.
What about current bookings and data?
We’ll set up your restaurant, transfer your reservations and guest data, implement Superb on your website and make sure your team is ready.
What no-show protection comes with the platform?
We understand that no-shows are a killer for the industry. That’s why we have built-in no-show protection at no extra cost.

- Prepayments. Taking deposits and prepayments is easy. Set up the rules and the amount and accept any payment method in the world. Only want to ask for prepayments on large groups or Friday night reservations? Your rules, your restaurant.  

- Credit card guarantee. Ask for a credit card guarantee to ensure that guests show up to a booking or cancel in advance. You set the cancellation period and decide when to ask for credit card information.

- Reconfirmation emails and texts. Remind every guest of an upcoming reservation with SMS and emails. The best part? You can automate this process and save time!
Can we use Superb on our official restaurant website and social media?
Please do!

We’ve made it easy for you to accept reservations directly from your restaurant website and social media.

Just copy and paste your specific reservation link to your website or add it as a link-in-bio on your social media. That’s it.

Customers will be able to make online reservations instantly.

And as always… It's free. Superb will never charge per booking or make you pay for having more guests.
Can Superb’s GXM replace the event ticketing software we use today?
Yes. With Superb, there’s no need for a separate ticketing service.

Our platform allows you to create and sell tickets for any event, dining experience, tasting menu and more. And you’ll do it all within one system. You’ll own the data and can target your ticketing to specific customers.
Can Superb’s GXM replace the gift card software we use today?
100% yes. Superb lets you create and sell gift cards directly from the platform. And because the gift cards come from the same all-in-one platform, redeeming them is easier for your team, too. 
Can we use Superb for online restaurant reservations and walk-ins?
With Superb, you’re always in control.

You can customise our booking system and take online reservations and walk-ins at the same time. The automated waitlist lets guests book from the comfort of their own homes even when you’re fully booked.
How does Superb help maximise revenue with upsells?
When guests book a table at your restaurant or bar with Superb, you’ll have the opportunity to upsell items such as welcome drinks, beer or wine menus, and more.

GXM Pro is a true all-in-one Guest Experience Management platform that gives you guest data from reservations and POS in one platform. You’ll know exactly how to upsell based on previous spending habits, orders, and more.
How does Superb help improve the overall guest dining experience?
Superb’s GXM platform gives the tools needed to build relationships with every guest.

It starts with the reservation and continues through to the final payment. Along the way, you'll collect guest data such as personal preferences, dietary restrictions, and previous visit and spend information.

This guest data isn’t hidden behind multiple clicks or different operating systems — it’s in one platform, and everyone on your team can have access to the same information. The only thing left is for you to use the guest insights to build personal relationships and create personalised guest experiences that your regulars want.