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March 1, 2022

Thomas Piras di Contraste | Milano

Scopri come Thomas Piras di Contraste usa Superb per migliorare la guest experience nel suo ristorante. Read his story in Italian and English here.
Customer Stories
March 1, 2022

Contraste stava cercando il modo di offrire a ciascun ospite un’esperienza di qualità in fase di prenotazione che fosse all’altezza della sua unicità. Allo stesso tempo il ristorante non riusciva a trovare una soluzione che riducesse il numero di no-show.

Read the English version below.


Thomas Piras di Contraste usa Superb per migliorare la guest experience nel suo ristorante.


Con GXM la guest experience inizia prima ancora che gli ospiti mettano piede nel nostro ristorante. GXM ci permette di migliorare sia la nostra attività, sia i servizi che offriamo ai clienti quando prenotano. Usando GXM abbiamo ridotto drasticamente i no-show e abbiamo sempre sotto controllo la situazione completa del ristorante.” – Thomas Piras, Restaurant Manager di Contraste a Milano

Tomas Piras from Contraste

Contraste wanted a way to provide every guest with a quality reservation experience. One that matched their unique restaurant experience. At the same time, Contraste was struggling to find a solution to decrease no-shows.

Contraste uses GXM to:

  • Provide each guest with a personalised reservation experience and a great first impression of the restaurant.
  • Drastically decrease the number of late cancellations and no-shows by asking guests to confirm their reservation with a credit card.
  • Gain easy access to a complete overview of all reservations sorted by day, week and month.
  • Improve the guest experience by storing notes about each guest such as allergies, preferences and number of visits.
  • Control which individual tables are available at specific times online.
  • Make it easy for every guest to add themselves to their waiting list and avoid last-minute cancellations and no-shows.

“With GXM the guest experience starts before our guest enters our restaurant. GXM enables us to improve both our operations together with all the services we offer to our guests when making a reservation. By using GXM we have reduced no-shows drastically, and we are always in control of our complete restaurant situation.” – Thomas Piras, Restaurant Manager at Michelin-starred Contraste in Milan, Italy

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