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December 15, 2020

Roy Magne Berglund from Lofoten Food Studio

Discover why Roy Magne Berglund made the switch to Superb’s revolutionary all-in-one solution. And how it saved his team time and improved business.
Customer Stories
December 15, 2020
“Superb’s all-in-one solution simplifies my daily operations.” — Roy Magne Berglund

The story behind the Lofoten Food Studio begins on the small island of Vestvågøya in Nordland county, Norway. This strangely small area of Norwegian nature represents one of the largest fishing villages in Lofoten - Ballstad. 

This is also why Roy Magne Berglund, the owner of Lofoten Food Studio, came up with the idea of building his own culinary playground. His passion for the four amazing seasons changing in Lofoten throughout the year brings the inspiration for preparing and serving the best of Roy’s creative capers.

After collaborating with Superb for a while Roy recently decided to upgrade from Superb’s basic solution to our revolutionary all-in-one solution to simplify his daily operations enabling him and his team to work to save time while gathering data about his guests and business to improve his business. 

Like many other restaurants, Lofoten Food Studio was using multiple systems to manage their restaurant leaving the team with a slow working flow and no way of collecting insights about their guests and business.

Now, let’s have a seat at the Chef’s Table at Lofoten Food Studio, and get to know more about how Superb is helping Roy and his team to simplify their operations, gather data and free up time to provide each guest with a personalised experience. 

What problems did you have before discovering Superb?

The most important thing for me was to find a platform that makes it easier for me to operate my restaurant. While using too many different systems, I realised that my restaurant needs more control. The previous system was not matching the needs of my business, and therefore, I wanted to optimise my needs for systems required to run a well-operating restaurant.

Why did you choose to partner with Superb?

In my everyday life, it’s all about saving time or spending time right. At first, I thought this would be too comprehensive a platform for my small place. After all, the platform suits my business very well. The platform covers the needs of both small and larger restaurants. 

What is different about Superb compared to previous systems you have used?

Superb is delivering an excellent service combined with a very personal approach to you as a customer. The most important thing for us, restaurant owners, is to be efficient in the areas we like the least.

Why did you choose to upgrade to our all-in-one?

I had too many payment platforms and wanted more structure. Superb’s Guest Experience Management platform enables me to control my gross earnings, stock holdings, sales reports, and make things very simple for your accountant. 

What does it mean for you to have all the tools you need in one platform?

It allows me to save time and simplify my daily operations.

Why is it essential for you to be able to collect and use data about your guests to enhance your guest experience and create relationships with your guests?

Today guests want to feel seen and recognised. Guest data allows us to collect guest preferences based on their previous visits and prepare before the guest arrives. The guestbook with guest profiles makes it easier to give each guest a personalised guest experience, build relationships with our guests and increase our revenue through upselling.  

How does Superb help make your everyday life easier?

It makes it better in the big context and truly simplifies my daily operations. It furthermore helps me to get paid in advance and send out reminders by mail and phone to prevent no-shows. 

How does Superb make reporting to your accountant easier?

My accountant has direct access to the system and can easily retrieve data leaving us both with less work. 

Why should a restaurant work with Superb?

Superb’s Guest Experience Management platform is simple and straightforward; the more you work with it, the easier it becomes. Superb also makes your reporting for your accountant so much simpler.

As time goes by, we are happy to see the positive results of how our work helps our clients and makes it easier for them to complete daily operations. Roy made a huge step in innovating his business and gathered a great solution for Lofoten Food Studio. 

In collaboration with our team, he noticed a positive impact in saving time and getting more control over his daily operations. Moreover, the restaurant has more structure, meaning that the all-in-one solution creates affirmative advantages not only for the owner, but particularly also for managers, employees, and ultimately for the guests. 

Thanks to the guest book, the restaurant is ready for the guests before they even arrive and that is a great opportunity to develop relationships while covering the needs from previous visits. Nothing is better than being seen as a restaurant for the guests and lasting relations. 

And this is the main highlight of our work - having a satisfied client with a want of maintaining our relationships to the future. Because for us, experience matters!

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