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October 17, 2018

Niclas Jönsson and Daniel Höglander: Welcome to restaurant Rinos

The 2 chefs behind restaurant Aloë, Niclas Jönsson and Daniel Höglander, talk to us about opening their new bodega Rinos – a relaxed neighbourhood restaurant.
October 17, 2018

The two passionate chefs behind restaurant Aloë Niclas Jönsson and Daniel Höglander talk to us about opening their new bodega Rinos. The aim is to create a relaxed neighborhood restaurant for the locals of Långbro.

A few years back the two chefs and owners Niclas Jönsson and Daniel Höglander opened their brainchild Aloë in the southern suburbs of Stockholm in Långbro. Located in a repurposed supermarket with a seemingly hidden entrance, Daniel and Niclas invite their guests on a journey of flavors and indulgence in a warm and charismatic setting. The latin name ‘Aloë’ roughly translates to “unknown origins” which illustrates the broad geographic variety of ingredients and inspirations that dictates the menu. Deliberately chosen as not to be tied to a particular cuisine.

Daniel Höglander: The inspiration came from the fact that we both have been working for a long time at high-end restaurants and now we simply want to create a place based on our hearts. We just want to do what we ourselves would like to be delighted to eat in an environment we created from ourselves.

Sometimes perceived to be against the grain of Nordic Cuisine, as we do not focus on local produce, ecological or at all represent any form of Scandinavian cuisine. We chose to work with the best produce wherever it comes from. Always highlighting quality ingredients married in intense but delicate flavor compositions.

Niclas Jönsson and Daniel Höglander describe themselves as "the food nerds who left the inner city and moved home to Älvsjö".

“We are the brains behind Crispy Duck and Aloë who lacked a meeting place with a sense of inner city.”

Daniel Höglander was Silver medalist in Bocuse d’Or 2001 with Henrik Norström. Also winner of both the 2002 Culinary World Cup in Luxemburg and 2004 Culinary Olympics in Erfurt with the Swedish national cooking team. Daniel previously worked at Vassa Eggen and Operakällaren. Most notably co-founded the now two star Michelin restaurant Esperanto in 2005.

Niclas Jönsson previously worked at Mattias Dahlgren and Kitchen chef at Lux when awarded a Michelin star. Started the lunch restaurant Crispy Duck Café which proved to be the foundation for what is now Aloë.

Welcome to Rinos  

After a couple of successful years with great success at Aloë, nominated for several awards including receiving it’s first Michelin star, the two passionate chefs have together with Robert Rijns decided to a new local bodega in the same property. Rinos is located in the basement bellow Aloë replacing the previous lunch restaurant Crispy, which, in spite of the large crowds of lunch guests, never became a profitable business. The trio has therefore to decided to start a new bodega together focusing on the local neighborhood with great prices, a cozy atmosphere and amazing food from all over the world.

Niclas Jönsson: Rinos will be Aloë’s counterpart, a relaxed place to hang out for people from around here. We have missed a meeting place for people living around. Rinos will be a place to hang, play flipper and eat light dishes based on well-known classics like beef fillet with béarnaise and shellfish cocktail. Rinos is a simpler concept with a feeling of the inner city, but in the suburbs.

Cheap, cozy and crazy good” that’s how the two chefs describe their new venture in Älvsjö.

We think life should be easier. Easier to laugh, relax and just enjoy for a while. That's why we started Rhinos. A little like the social bar of Älvsjö. This is something that also shines through the menu with food from all over the world.

Daniel Höglander: Food you feel and that you want to eat again and again. Such as a ridiculously good truffle egg, a new version of a shellfish cocktail and of course a béarnaise that will make you go crazy.

The name is derived from the old family name of Rino Ferrari born in Brescia, Italy. Who knows, maybe any old Italian classic will slip on the menu?

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