Ambitious chefs, owners and managers around the world use GXM to give every guest a superb experience.


“The Superb team has supplied us with a beautiful platform and service that is out of this world. The elegant and easy approach gives our guests an amazing start into their experience at ICHI. We love to work with service and people at ICHI, and it really shows that the Superb team does the same!”

— Kim & Jesper Kvarnefält, Owners of Ichi in Sweden


“Our restaurant is driven by innovation, passion, and the uncompromising will to give our guests the best. This can only be achieved by using GXM.”

— Thomas Amir Korby, Restaurant Manager at Mielcke & Hurtigkarl in Denmark


“GXM has a lot of advantages for our guests and us. The platform enables us to handle our guest experiences and manage our work in a much easier way. Superb provides personalised service, just like we do to our guests. So, it’s a great match!”

— Vasco Coelho Santos, Owner of Euskalduna Studio in Portugal

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