Leading bars and breweries choose Superb.

Speed up your service by collecting all your tools in one platform. Your team and guests will love you for it.

Why bars and breweries choose Superb?  

Serve more guests

Our customisable booking experience makes it easy for your guests to book online, freeing up more time for you to take care of walk-ins.

Easy workflow

User-friendly integrated POS built to save time while collecting the insights needed to optimise the performance of your business.

Multiple revenue streams

Smart tipping functions,  unique experiences, gift cards, events and tickets, or automated guest marketing.


Is Superb right for my bar and brewery?
Superb is built to help bars and breweries focus on what matters — your guests and growing your business. Superb’s all-in-one platform is the first to gather all the tools to manage and grow your bar or brewery — in one place. Superb’s all-in-one platform is built for hospitality businesses looking for an integrated, flexible, and user-friendly solution to manage reservations, orders, payments, marketing and much more while collecting the insights you need to make informed decisions about your guests and business.
How long does it take to get started with Superb?
You’ll start with a 30-minute onboarding call to introduce yourself to the platform and set up your account. After that, you’re ready to begin.

We’ll set up your restaurant, transfer your reservations and guest data, implement Superb on your website, and ensure your team is ready.
How does Superb compare to solutions?
Let’s be honest: you did not start your business to deal with unreliable technology. This is where Superb comes in handy: Instead of using 5 different systems to manage reservations, orders, payments, marketing, reports and much more (not to mention all the providers you’ll have to deal with), with Superb, you only deal with 1 platform and provider. Best of all, Superb is built for hospitality businesses like yours and includes all the tools you need to open, run and grow your business.
How does Superb manage tipping for staff?
Superb’s smart tipping function makes it easy for your guests to leave a tip.

With Superb, you can customise your terminal to show tips and suggestions to your customers, such as 5, 10 or 20%, which makes it easier for customers. This has more than doubled the amount of tips Superb customers get compared to systems they’ve used before.

Additionally, you can easily track and view all tip amounts in your payment history, providing transparency and control over your staff’s earnings.
What is required to switch from my current provider?
Switching to Superb is easy and fast. We’ll help set up your account with Superb and transfer data if needed. For reservations we typically transfer bookings from your existing system over to Superb. For the POS, we send you hardware to replace your old hardware (iPads, stands, printers, and payment terminals).
Is hardware included?
Hardware is not included. You can tailor your hardware setup to your specific requirements. If you are unsure what hardware you need, please contact our sales team for more information.
Can I refer a business to Superb?
Yes, we welcome referrals for all types of hospitality businesses. Most hospitality businesses using Superb are based on referrals from other hospitality businesses. To show our gratitude, we have created a community referral program where you save 10% on your monthly subscription forever when they become customers (invite ten and get it for free).
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