QR codes, Takeaway and Webshop

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QR codes

Save time on taking orders and payments. Let guests order and pay directly from their phones. No apps or downloads needed.


Boost revenue with takeout made easy. Allow guests to order and pay online, making it easy for your team to prepare for pickup.


Promote your brand with restaurant merchandise. Set up an online store in minutes and sell directly to your customers.

QR codes

Superb’s QR code feature makes ordering and payment easier, faster and contact-free.

Plus, it gives your guests control over their experience and lets you streamline operations (great news when you’re short on staff). 

Reduce wait times and make it easier for your staff. 
Update your digital menu in real-time with seamless POS integration.
Make it easy for guests to pay at the table.
Collect guest data with each transaction. 
Give your guests more control


When it comes to takeout, 51% of guests prefer to order directly from a restaurant. 

Superb's takeout feature is commission-free. That means you can increase revenue without losing out to third-party apps.

Put an end to third-party takeaway and delivery fees.
Make it easy for guests to dine with you, even when they’re not dining in.
 Use integrated data from Superb’s POS to offer popular items and customer favourites. 
Give your staff more time to focus on the guest experience with a fully automated solution.
Increase your revenue with takeaway


Turn guests into brand ambassadors by selling restaurant merchandise directly to them. You'll own the entire guest experience and manage it all from the same all-in-one solution that runs your restaurant. No extra software needed.

Integration with Superb’s POS system keeps your inventory in sync.
Shareable links let you promote products across social media.
Collect guest data to identify merchandise trends and your most popular items. 
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