Table management

Table management built to save time and maximise covers

Automate your workflow

Group Management

Secure group reservations with a deposit, credit card or fully prepaid booking. Prepare in advance with individually preselected menus.

Works on any device

Access your table management and manage your bookings from any device, wherever you are.

Smart Seating

Fill your restaurant and avoid lost covers. Prioritise tables and use dynamic combinations to allocate seats automatically based on your preferences.

Design your own
floor plan

Organise your floor plan in minutes with easy drag-and-drop sections. From the dining room to the terrace, make table and guest management a simple and error-free process.

Choose which tables you want to book out first instead of leaving it up to chance. Control capacity and save your team the headache.

Choose from a variety of table types and sizes to match the exact layout of your restaurant, giving staff a real-time visualisation of every room.

Set advanced table rules that close specific tables during specific time slots or set a maximum number of guests per time slot.

Quickly see your custom floor map directly on your iPad and switch between different layouts for multiple floors and indoor/outdoor seating.

Never miss a beat — even when
things heat up

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Take any payment in
the world.

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No-show protection

Finally, put an end
to no-shows.

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Increase online reservations
without paying per booking.

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Point of Sale

Connect your entire restaurant
with a cloud-based POS system.

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Can we block individual tables and rooms?
Yes, you can block specific tables and certain restaurant sections such as the bar, terrace, etc.

With the Superb GXM platform, you’re in total control of your table plan. You define the available booking times for each table and room by blocking them during specific times.

This is a great way to close bookings when you host special events or restaurant experiences.

We know a lot of restaurants block tables on busy days because they use restaurant management software that makes them pay per booking. With Superb, you can forget about that.

You’ll never pay per customer. So go ahead and block tables when you want to… not because you want to save money.
What is smart table management?
Do you ever use several smaller tables to seat one larger group? Superb’s GXM does it automatically without you having to spend time figuring out how to seat a larger group.

We call it smart seating. The system automatically calculates the number of seats available and makes room for larger groups.

For example, a party of 10 books for 8:00 pm. Five smaller tables (2 seats) will be selected to create one larger table that fits ten people.
Can we use Superb for online restaurant reservations and walk-ins?
With Superb, you’re always in control.

You can customise our booking system and take online reservations and walk-ins at the same time. The waitlist lets guests book from the comfort of their own homes even when you’re fully booked. 
How much does Superb cost?
We have different packages available.

Our GXM Lite includes everything you need for reservations, tickets, gift cards and more. Including no-show protection, automated waitlists, smart table management, and a design that perfectly matches your brand. 

GXM Pro does that and more. Including a fully integrated POS and payments solution that lets you run your entire restaurant from one platform.

For more details on our plans, visit our pricing page.