Superb's startup program for new openings

Get everything you need to launch your new restaurant with Superb and receive €1000 credits from us to get started.
Apply to get €1000 in Superb credits

The best way to get started

All the tools you need to open your restaurant.
Reservations, POS and payments, everything you need to get started.
Low costs in
the beginning.
We know opening a restaurant is expensive, get started with a low upfront cost.
Our team will help you get started.
We have helped 1000+ restaurants from opening to becoming an established restaurant brand.
"Restaurants are more than businesses. They're special places where people come together to share meals, create memories, and build connections.
Our startup program supports the hardworking individuals who take on the risks of bringing these unique places to our beloved societies.”
Zaedo Musa | CEO
Join the new restaurant program
Apply for €1000 in credits
1. How can the credits be used?
Reduce your subscription cost
Spend it on hardware
2. How do I qualify for the support program?
You are opening a new restaurant or have opened within the last 6 month
Your restaurant will do more than €25.000 per month in revenue.
The credits are only available for our pro plan

Startup partners

If you are customer or member with one of our startup partners, you are qualified for the Superb Startup program


How does it work?
Our startup program aims to support and help as many new restaurant openings to succeed as possible.

Opening a restaurant is hard work, that’s why we are offering new restaurant owners all the tools to get started for a special price to help you save time, reduce costs and get the best start with your new restaurant.
Who is eligible?
Any restaurant can apply for the start offer, with each application going through our verification process.

If you're a startup that’s working with one of our partners, you’re immediately verified and can use your partner’s code to get the credit.
What is €1000 in Superb credit worth?
The €1000 credits are equal to the value of the hardware or subscription it will be deducted from.
I’m opening several restaurants. Can I still apply for this program?
We want to hear from you! Apply to be a partner and we’ll get back to you with more information.