The best way to communicate with your guests

Overlooked emails mean empty tables and lost business. Make sure your guests receive and register their reservation details with customisable SMS confirmations.


Pricing starts from €49/month

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Avoid late-cancellations and no-shows

SMS is the most dependable way to communicate with your guests, with 90% of SMS’s read, while 60% of emails go unread.

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Fill empty tables from your waitlist

Let your guests know a table has become available or that they’re next in the queue and ask them to confirm via SMS.

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Improve your guest experience

Sending SMS reminders lets you add a personal step to your restaurant experience, giving your guests an easy way to receive, access or cancel their upcoming reservation. 


“We strive to be better and more creative every day, and the Superb team has delivered a product that makes contact with our guests easier, more simple, elegant, and fun.”

— Mikael Svensson, Kontrast