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“We were looking for the best way to handle reservations and guest profile data and Superb really impressed us with their GXM platform. Also Superb brought our no-show rate impressively down.”

— Thomas & Mathias Sühring, Co-owners of Sühring in Bangkok.


“With GXM the guest experience starts before our guest enters our restaurant. GXM enables us to improve both our operations together with all the services we offer to our guests when making a reservation. Using GXM we have reduced no-shows drastically and we are always in control of our complete restaurant situation. GXM is certainly practical, functional and fast.”

— Thomas Piras, Restaurant Manager at Contraste in Milano.


“Superb is more than a reservation system. The people behind it understand and listen to all the necessities restaurants have. They know how a restaurant works and what the guest wants. Superb simply makes our life easier, and that’s all you want in this busy industry.”

— Karlos Ponte, Owner of PMY & Taller in Copenhagen


“Working daily in an environment that strives on perfection and creativity with passionate and driven people, Superb feels like a natural choice for us. As we strive to be better and more creative every day, the Superb team has delivered a platform that makes contact with our guests easier, more simple, elegant, and fun. The ever-present support team made the transition seamless and is still there every time we need them.”

— Mikael Svensson, Owner of Kontrast in Oslo


“Every restaurant is different, and Superb understands how to treat their exact needs. We do not like surprises and prefer to be in complete control. GXM gives us complete control over our dinner service. This way, we can give everything we have to every single guest, and they will automatically feel at home, even before they enter our doors.”

— Bertil Tøttenborg, Restaurant Manager at Gustu in La Paz


“We were looking for a platform to handle our reservations. We looked at many places, but after we met the team from Superb, we didn’t have to look any further. They are extremely professional, the platform is easy to handle, and they are always happy to help whenever something comes up.”

— Nicolai Ellitsgaard, Head Chef at Under in Lindesnes


“GXM has a lot of advantages for our guests and us. The platform enables us to handle our guest experiences and manage our work in a much easier way. Superb provides personalised service, just like we do to our guests. So, it’s a great match!”

— Vasco Coelho Santos, Owner of Euskalduna Studio in Porto


“We are incredibly happy with our switch to Superb and the GXM platform. Our expectations were high, but they were quickly met. At SAV, we strive to give our guests an experience — and it starts when the guests reserve a table. We are finally able to provide our guests with a quality reservation experience.”

Sven & Alex, co-owners of SAV in Malmö


“The Superb team has supplied us with a beautiful platform and service that is out of this world; from our first contact, and the smooth transition, to the everyday use. The elegant and easy approach gives our guests an amazing start into their experience at ICHI. We love to work with service and people at ICHI, and it really shows that the Superb team does the same!”

— Kim & Jesper Kvarnefält, Owners of Ichi in Stockholm