Ultimately the success of your restaurant depends on one thing, your guest experience. That’s why ambitious restaurants worldwide choose GXM to give every guest a great experience and from day one.


We offer a special discounted price for new restaurant openings.


The best first impression 

With GXM your restaurant experience begins even before your guest enters your restaurant. The beautifully designed reservation experience makes sure you always provide your guest with the best possible first impression of your restaurant, on any device.

Get started with ease

We get it. Opening a restaurant is a big thing, and we’re to ensure that you and your team are off to the best start. We set up your restaurant, implement GXM on your website to receive reservations and make sure your team is set up for success from the very first day.




Focus on what matters 

Our goal is to make your life easier at this exciting stage of your restaurant journey. The dashboard is easy to manage, providing your team with a simple way to access to the information needed to give every guest a personal experience, every time.

Everything you need to grow 

GXM gives you all the tools to host the best restaurant experience now and in the future. We have helped new restaurants across the world on their journey, from the very first opening day to becoming a well-known restaurant. With Superb you are in good hands, always.




"Restaurants should work with Superb to join an elite community of like-minded and passionate restauranteurs and members of the service industry. Superb provides a GXM platform that supports our philosophy for guest service by facilitating communication and engagement between guests and businesses, both online and in person. We're proud that Marigold is a part of the Superb community as a whole but also where our unique characteristics are highlighted and celebrated."

Sofie Wochner, Co-owner of Marigold, Italy.


Why do restaurants choose to work with Superb?

Sleek Scandinavian Design 
Simple & User-friendly platform 
All your tools. In one place
Avoid No-Shows and late cancellations
Dedicated and personal support


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