Why are the worlds best restaurants using GXM?



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Curious to know why the world’s best restaurants are working with SUPERB? We have spoken to several restaurants from our beloved community to get to know more about what they like the most about SUPERB. Here are some of the main points they highlighted:

The Guest Experience

Our community all agree the guest means everything. All of our restaurants are highlighting the modern and more personal approach to handling guest experiences. No more outdated systems forcing your guests to leave the universe of your restaurant. Welcome your guests like never before.

“We were looking for the best way to handle reservations and guest profile data and SUPERB really impressed us with its system. Also SUPERB brought our no-show rate impressively down.” – Thomas Sühring, Sühring.

The Design

Great design (obviously) matters. Especially for our community. 90% of our community highlights the design as one of their main drivers for working with SUPERB. Sticking to our Scandinavian roots, we have crafted the most beautiful reservation experience on the market, leaving your guests with the absolute best first impression of your restaurant.

“We love SUPERB because of it’s clean and smart appearance. The system is an easy and professional way for our guests to book online and it suits Silo’s style.” – Douglas McMaster, Silo & Mr Lyan.

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Simplicity & User-friendly

Our partner restaurants all highlighted the importance of working with a simple and user-friendly system easy to handle for both the guest and staff.

“We have chosen to work with SUPERB for several reasons. First and foremost, it is user-friendly for both the guest and the staff handling the system. In addition, SUPERB is graphically and visually more inviting and personal than other solutions. It’s a huge advantage for us that our guests, already before entering our restaurant, gets a positive impression of our restaurant.” – Henrik Junker, Restaurant Paustian.

No More No-Shows

No-shows are known as the “killer” in the restaurants. The majority of our community highlights the no-show feature as one of the features with the biggest impact. The no-show feature provides restaurants with more security, enabling restaurants to ask guests to leave their credit-card details in order to confirm a reservation. The no-show feature has helped leading restaurants in reducing their no-show rate from an average of 16% to 0,8%.

“For us SUPERB have made a big difference, before SUPERB we had some issues with guests not showing up. Now we don’t have any kind of no-shows. If we didn’t have SUPERB, I don’t think we would still be open.” – Rasmus Munk, Alchemist.


Create and customize a unique guest experience, host special events, sell tickets, automated gift cards, and much more. Our community loves our variety of built-in applications. Made to make the staff work smarter and more efficient with endless possibilities – make the life easier for any restaurant.

“We wanted a bespoke system that could work to the high standards we have set in the restaurant. We are a unique restaurant and needed a system that worked for us.” – Steven Edwards, Etch.

The support






The majority of our community highlights support as one of the vital reasons for working with SUPERB. Our support is mainly rewarded for being both interactive and helpful combined with a quick response time.

“You will see something that is in constant development. You have constant feedback. If you try to call someone you get it fixed straight away. There is no waiting time. Waiting time is almost non-existing when you work with SUPERB” – Thomas Korby, Mielcke & Hurtigkarl