Guest Experience Management

Built together with the best restaurants around the world.


The Guest Experience

Reservations are now part of your restaurant experience. The most beautiful reservation experience on the market designed to match the identity of the best world's best restaurants.

A modern, user-friendly and personal way of handling reservations and customizing every step of your guest experience. The sleek Scandinavian design makes sure you always provide the best possible first impression for your guests.

We were looking for the best way to handle reservations and guest relationships and SUPERB really impressed us with the GXM platform. GXM also brought our no-show rate impressively down.
— Mathias & Thomas Sühring, Restaurant Sühring, Bangkok 🇹🇭

Restaurant Operations

One platform made for busy and premium restaurants to effectively manage reservations and guest relationships. All the tools you need for daily operations gathered in one place freeing up time to prepare the perfect guest experience and grow your business.

SUPERB has a lot of advantages for both us and our guests. The GXM platform enables us to handle our guest experiences and manage our work in a much easier way. SUPERB provides a personalized service, just like we do to our guests. So, it’s a great match!
— Vasco Coelho Santos, Chef and Owner of Euskalduna Studio in Porto 🇵🇹

Guest Experience Management

GXM is made to suit the needs of any ambitious restaurant. A simple and intuitive platform easy for any employee to use.

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Customize your own restaurant experience. Create events, sell tickets, pre-selection of menus and rooms. 



Gift cards made easy. Allow your guest to purchase gift cards at anytime directly through your website.

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Make every guest feel at home. Collect all the Guest information you need to give a personal guest experience.



Avoid the stress & cost of last minute cancellations. Secure every reservation by requiring credit-card, deposits or prepaid reservations.

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Our team is always one clickaway while using GXM. Whether you're training new employees, hosting a special event or making changes in your restaurant.



Every restaurant is unique and we know. Our team providing you with the knowledge you need to make every guest experience stand out and grow your business.