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The only platform you’ll ever need

Manage reservations, avoid no-shows, host events, sell tickets, and gift cards. All the tools to grow your restaurant.


Manage reservations

The guest experience

Optimise your reservations. Allow your guests to book anytime, on any device with the most personalised reservation experience on the market.

Restaurant operations

The simple and user-friendly dashboard makes it easy for your team members to access and manage everyday reservations and guest notes alongside your special events.


Daniel Höglander, Co-owner of Aloë in Sweden

Superb is unmistakably dedicated to delivering the best guest experience for our guests and has provided us with a modern and user-friendly platform.

Reduce no-shows

Avoid the stress and cost of last-minute cancellations and no-shows. Ask your guests to confirm specific reservations with a credit card, deposit or prepayment.


Thomas Sühring, Co-owner of Sühring in Thailand

We were looking for the best way to handle reservations and guest profile data and Superb really impressed us with the GXM platform. Also, GXM brought our no-show rate impressively down.


Host events & sell tickets 

Hosting an event? No need for a third-party facilitator. Use GXM to create your special event and sell tickets. 


Matt Orlando, Owner of Amass and Broaden & Build in Denmark

Superb suits our needs and enables us to easily customise the GXM platform to our specific and ever-changing needs.


Pre-selection of menus and rooms

Improve your guest experience by asking your guests to preselect their preferred menu, special tables, or rooms in advance.


Bertil Tøttenborg, Restaurant Manager at Gustu in Bolivia

Every restaurant is different and Superb understand how to tailor toward their individual needs.


Personalise your guest communication

GXM enables you to send customised email and SMS confirmations and reminders directly to your guest.


Mikael Svensson, Owner of Kontrast in Norway

We strive to be better and more creative every day, and the Superb team has delivered a platform that makes contact with our guests easier, more simple, elegant, and fun.


Gift cards made easy

Allow your guests to purchase gift cards at any time, directly through your website.


Karlos Ponte, Owner of PMY & Taller in Denmark

Superb is the first introduction to our restaurant. They understand how a restaurant works and what the guest wants. GXM makes our life easier, and that’s all you want in this busy industry.


Fully booked?

Make it easy for new guests to add their names to your waitlist and fill last-minute cancellations and no-shows. Dashboard notifications show you how many guests are waiting and let you decide who’s next.


vr controller


Currently taking reservations on another system? No problem. Our GXM advisors will import your reservation and guest information, while making sure you never lose your data. 

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Our team is always one-click away while using GXM. Whether you're training new employees, hosting a special event, or making changes to your restaurant profile, we’re here to help.



Every restaurant setup is unique. Our team provides you with the knowledge you need to make every guest’s experience stand out and grow your business.

Start using GXM within 24 hours 

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“GXM is generally our first contact with our guests. To work with a platform that is easy, efficient and fun is something that we really value. The layout is elegant, and the team behind it is very helpful and always there to support if needed."

- Beau Clugston, Owner of Iluka in Copenhagen