Guest communication

Personalise your guest communication

Automate every conversation

Schedule emails and reminders

Customise email templates for confirmations, reminders, cancellations and waitlist bookings. Send unlimited emails.

Send SMS reminders to guests

Remind every guest of their reservation and avoid late cancellations or no-shows. Send text messages to and from any country.

Say "Thank you!" in style

Send every guest a thank you email after their visit and request feedback to help improve the guest experience.

Keep your guests in the know

Payment links — Create unique links for prepaid deposits, gift cards, event tickets and more. Send them over text or email so customers can pay.

Email and SMS — Keep email and text messages organised in one dashboard. Fully automated to save time. 

Upcoming reservations — Don’t leave your guests in the dark. Reservation reminders and confirmation messages give your guests all the information they need. 

Reconfirmation emails and texts — Worried about no-shows? Use reconfirmation emails and text messages to stop them before they happen

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Can we send SMS text message confirmations for reservations?
100% yes. You can send regular booking confirmations and text message reminders to all guests* with just one click. 

Want to help avoid no-shows and remind customers of upcoming reservations? Send reconfirmation emails or text messages. 

Email and text messaging are available for both GXM Lite and GXM Pro customers. Click here for pricing. 

*This applies to all guests who chose to receive email notifications from your restaurant. 
Why use confirmation email and SMS messages?
When you have a large number of customers and your business is growing, delivering correct information in good time becomes a matter of great priority. Plus it’s one of the best ways to stop no-shows before they happen. 

This is where automatic email and text confirmation come in. Setting up automatic confirmation and reconfirmation messages will give you peace of mind that your guests are getting the right information and that they’re sure of all the details of their reservation. 

With Superb, it’s already set up and ready to use. Plus, you can customise messages to fit your brand and style
What other no-show protection comes with the platform?
We understand that no-shows are a killer for the industry. That’s why we have built-in no-show protection at no extra cost

Prepayments. Taking deposits and prepayments is easy. Set up the rules and the amount and accept any payment method in the world. Only want to ask for prepayments on large groups or Friday night reservations? Go ahead. Your rules, your restaurant.  

Credit card guarantee. Ask for a credit card guarantee to ensure guests show up to a booking or cancel in advance. You set the cancellation period and decide when to ask for credit card information. 

Reconfirmation emails and texts. Remind every guest of an upcoming reservation with SMS and emails. The best part? You can automate this process and save time.