Zaedo Musa: The Future of Guest Experiences

Zaedo Musa’s goal, when he founded Superb, was to redefine the way restaurants create and manage guest experiences. Two years later, his data-driven vision has led Superb to partner with some of the best restaurants around the world. We sat down to chat about what he’s learned along the way and what’s next for Superb.

You have strong foundation in technology and software development. What motivated you to apply that knowledge in the restaurant industry?

My background is in software development, but I’ve also worked in the restaurant industry. I experienced first-hand how restaurants are spending a lot of time and money on systems which don’t serve them well. I wanted to use my knowledge to create a simple and unified software solution that works for restaurants.

What else did you learn from working in the restaurant industry?

Today, premium restaurants are using outdated and over-complicated systems. It’s common for restaurants to use separate systems to handle reservations, payments, inventory, and more. The software they use for guest management is slowing them down.

It takes too much time to access these systems and adjust even simple functions. Time that could be spent with their team or guests. Restaurant managers are already wearing so many hats. They shouldn’t struggle to access and act on their own data.

Restaurateurs are no longer just restaurateurs - they are visionaries, creators, and entrepreneurs. They have a dream to build something truly magnificent that the world will recognize. I share the same dream to create something truly magnificent which gives people the best experience possible. 

How is GXM (Guest Experience Management) different from other systems out there?

GXM is different because it gives you all the tools you need to give great guest experiences, build relationships, and grow business - all in one place. Superb allows restaurants to connect with guests from before they arrive and after they leave.

Just like restaurateurs put thoughts into every little detail of what they’re doing, we’re trying to do the same with Superb. If you consider every detail, then it makes sense that your software should match the rest of your restaurant experience. I like to say there’s a sparkle to how everything works in a restaurant. They think of the sparkle when they’re preparing the guest experience, when the food is prepared, when the guest arrives, to when they present the bill. There’s a sparkle in all these things. The only thing that’s missing is the sparkle in the systems that restaurants are using.

Why is data so relevant to running restaurant today, and how can GXM help them?

To create a superb guest experience you have to know your guests. Overtime, GXM can collect data on prior reservations, cancellations, spend amounts, food allergies, seat preferences and guest anniversaries. GXM allows restaurants use this data to offer customizable and personal guest experiences.

Today, guests need to feel that personal touch, so their meal becomes an experience, and not just another business transaction. No premium restaurant works the same. They’re all unique in their own way. They know that, and so do we. A principal value that we deliver is the ability for restaurants to customize our platform according to their own needs.

An example would be no-shows: restaurants lose up to 20% of their revenue due to no-shows. Superb was the first platform to allow restaurants to confirm a reservation via credit card, and charge for no-shows. That little feature changed the game. Those same restaurant no-shows are now around 1% - that is a huge success!


You’ve done quite a lot in a short amount of time, and there’s a quote you like, that reads, “We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.” Tell us what that means to you. What’s your personal motivation?

I’m motivated by the desire to build amazing things. I really like to work with like-minded companies, because if they do well, we do well. With restaurants, I really, really respect what they do. They are true visionaries who work super long hours to make their dream become a reality. I’m in awe of their commitment and energy. For me personally, it’s exciting to enter a place where all that passion becomes a reality!

Finally, what’s your favorite guest experience?

What I really like is the anticipation of going to a new restaurant — the excitement and buildup to try something new. I’m aware of the time, and efforts spend on making this restaurant experience exceptional, and I always look for that experience. It’s an experience economy.

Mads Borst