Benvenuto Marigold!

Marigold is a dream-come-true for Sofie Wochner, a Danish baker, and Domenico Cortese, a Calabrese chef, who had long hosted Rome’s foodie community at pop-up dinners in their home, a restaurant and micro-bakery that brings a touch of Scandinavia to Rome.

We meet with the Sofie Wochner to know more about the guest experience at their brainchild Marigold and to uncover why decided to join superb.


What does the guest experience mean to Marigold?

"The guest experience at Marigold is all about the quality of good food that surprises, satisfies and delights: a comfortable space that's not overly formal; and service that's personable, attentive and authentic. Marigold breaks away from the typical dining experience in Rome not only for its constantly changing menu that centers around tradition, innovation, and creativity and prepared using local, seasonal ingredients but also for its international sensibilities delivered by staff that comes from all over North America and Europe."

Why do you think a restaurant should work with SUPERB? 

"Restaurants should work with SUPERB to join an elite community of like-minded and passionate restauranteurs and members of the service industry. SUPERB provides a platform that supports our philosophy for guest service by facilitating communication and engagement between guests and businesses, both online and in person. We're proud that Marigold is a part of the SUPERB community as a whole but also where our unique characteristics are highlighted and celebrated."

Experience Marigold in Rome.

Mads BorstMarigold Rome