Rethinking the Guest Experience #1

Today, all the best restaurants in the world have one thing in common: the desire to create a unique and memorable guest experience. We find there’s more pressure than ever to constantly provide new and engaging experiences for guests. With the day-to-day tasks of running a restaurant, finding the time to craft these experiences can be challenging. 

Restaurants like Carousel have decided to work closely with guest chefs in order to create a more diverse and engaging guest experience. At Carousel, guest chefs are welcomed every two days. As the team at Carousel puts it, “No two days here are ever the same.” So what are some of the advantages of working with guest chefs?


1) Connect With Chefs and Restaurants Around the World

On their journey to create a diverse and engaging guest experience, Carousel has hosted over 150 guest chefs from across 30 different countries. They’ve collaborated with chefs from Iceland to Venezuela, allowing them to experiment with new ingredients and flavours.

Guest chefs are an excellent way to create awareness around your restaurant, connecting you with audiences around the world.

2) Give Your Guests A Reason To Return 

You have to give your guests more reasons to return to your restaurant, besides exceptional food and service. Guest chefs can guarantee a new and exclusive experience every time a guest visits your restaurant. Just like pop-up shops, guest chefs are available for only a limited time.

Guest chefs are a powerful draw for those guests seeking a one-of-a-kind, one-off dining experience.

3) Boost Your Team’s Creativity and Taste for Innovation

Probably the greatest advantage of working with guest chefs is creativity. By inviting another chef into your restaurant, you can inspire yourself and your team, creating a space for experimentation and innovation. A compelling and engaging brand can be built around the way a restaurant presents different cultures, philosophies, and cuisines.

Learning about how other chefs approach their guest experience leads to new inspiration, cross-pollination, and possible collaborations.

Mads BorstAniar